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Test 2 US Gov
Test 2 US Gov
Marbury V. Madison
Marbary was one of the "midnight jutices" elected in the last days of the Adams administration. Jefferson felt this was just another atempt to keep the federalist in government. When Madison refused to deliver Marbury's commission, Marbury asked the Supreme Court to issue a writ of mandamus. ordering the secretary of state to surrender the appointment.
Lemon Test
•1971 case
•court struck down state run program that funded teachers salaries that taught in parochial schools
•Three pronged test was developed:
o Law much have secular purpose
o Primary effect much not inhibit or promote religion
o Law much not excessively entangle government with religion.
Engel v. Vitale
New York approved a 22-word "nondenominational prayer" The prayer was optional. But 10 parents filed suit agains New York State.
President has 4 options
1.Sign it
2. Vetoed
3. Pocket Veto
4. does nothing
Reynolds v. United States
George Reynolds charged with bigamy after marrying Amelia Jane Schofield while still married to Mary Ann Tuddenham in the Utah Territory.
Coy V. iowa
delt with the right to confront
Dred Scott V. Standford
a slave from a free state moved to a slave state and they wouldnt let him be free. *constitution doesn't deal with blacks.
Plessy v. Ferguson
Plessy was arested for sitting on in a car that prohibited color people but he was only 1/8 black.
Brown v. TBE
serparte but equal has no place in public schools.
Bakke V. UC Regents
a white male applied to a school that didnt except hiim because he was white and they only had reserved spaces left for colored people. *reverse discrimination." Public universities may not create separate racial admission, but they may consider race as one factor in order to secure a diversified student body.