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Handling of the War
Paying for the war

Managing the resources

Managing the troups
The progression of workers
National War Labor board

American Federation of Labor

Black workers
The progression of women
women working

women suffarage

women lobyiasts
Paying for the war
Secretary of Treasury William McAdoo

charged the largest incomes 77 percent more
Managing the Resources
The War Industries Board:
-controlled resources
-set prices
-promoted research

-Railways: took over, made more efficient, spent $500 mill
Managing the Troups
Commision on Training Camp Activities

Millitary Draft Act says they can't drink

Propoganda: "Fit to Fight" Venereal Cartoon

"Men must live straight if they would shoot straight."
National War Labor Board
inisisted on
-adequate wages
-reduced hours

-prevented exploitation of women and children

ex Took over one factory

-built housing projects
American Federation of Labor
wilson supported, they supported wilson
Although on one hand IWW

Grows 2.7 to 4.0 million
Labor opportunities for others
blacks and women had the opportunity to work

-In chicago, while 3,000, 15,000 after
Working women
women worked in
-heavy industry
-conducted railroads

Woman's Land Army mobilized female labor for the farms
Woman Suffrage

Carrie Cat led NAWSA (National WOman Suffrafe Association) lobbied for vote

National Women's party

in Fall of 1918, Wilson supports suffrage, "vital to winning the war"

passes in 1919.