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What are the reactions that are envolved in the process of photosynthesis?
light dependent reactions that capture sunlight and use its energy to produce ATP and NADPH

dark reactions or the calvins cyclethat uses the ATP and NADPH gathered from sunlight to produce organic molecules from CO2 or carbon fixation
What is the importance of photosynthesis?
to capture energy in sunlight to make ATP and food

to add oxygen to the air with the removal of CO2 with the net reaction of:
CO2 H@) light = glucose O2
Where can the chloroplast be found?
What are thylakoids?
they are discs found in the internal membrane of the chloroplast that contain pigments and machinery for photosynthesis
What is the proportionality between the energy content of light and the wavelength?
energy conten is inversely proportional to the wavelength of light therefore red light havs increasing wavelength and decreasing energy with long waves and purple light has decreasing wavelengths and increasing energy with short waves
What is chlorophyll?
it is a green pigment that when excited by photons is used to power the light dependent reactions
What are the reaction stages of the light dependent reactions?
transfer of energy to a reaction center

electron transport

What is the purpose of photosystems?
they are pigments that channel energy to the reaction center
Describe the steps of a reaction center after it receives energy from the photosystems?
chlorophyll a donates light energized electrons to acceptor and replaces its lost electron from oxidation of H2O
When excited electrons are transferred, what do they do?
they power proton pumps which leads to ATP synthesis by ATP synthase (like aerobic respiration)
AND they reduce NADP to NADPH
Give a summary of the lgiht reactions?
light excites electrons which power pumps and allow chemiosmosis

H2O replaces electrons that chlorophyll transfers to pumps

O2 is produced when H2O is split to donate electrons

ATP is produced by chemiosmosis

NADPH is produced by the reduction of NADP
What is the importance of Rubisco during photosynthesis?
it is an enzyme that fixes CO2 into organic molecules and it releases CO2 during photorespiration
What conditions are favored for photorespiration? Why?
plants in warm arid climates beacuse leaves lose water by evaporation through openings in the leaves called STOmata so when the stomata closes the leaves conserve water however )2 builds up inside the leaves and CO2 cannot get in
What is photorespiration?
when CO2 supposed to be used for photosynthesis is released making it difficult for photosynthesis to occur
Give a summary of the dark reactions?
CO2 is required as the supplier of carbon for organic molecules

ATP and NADHP provide the energy and electrons to form C-C bonds for carbon fixation