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Greater Antilles
The 4 large Caribbean islands. Cuba, Jamaica,Hispanola, and Puerto Rico. Contains the bulk of the regions populations. Mountains didn't have any economic value but used for refugees.
Economic and political strategies by which powerful city-states directly and in directly extend their influence over other weaker states. The US thought the Caribbean should be under their control but was under scored by the Spanish-American war in 1898. After that, US started the neocolonization.
Off-shore banking
Islands or microstates that offer financial servicesthat are typically confidential and tax-exempt. As a part of a global financial system,osb have developed a unique niche, offering services to individual and corporate clients for a set fee. Bahamasand Caymen Islands are leaders in them.
Circular Migration
Temporary labor migration in which an individuals seeks short-term employments overseas, saves money, and then goes back home. Most immigrants to US do that except Cubans
A rural subsistence property that is a matriarical in organization. Bunch of houses together, everyone works together as a family.First created in t he lesser Antilles. Important to economic structure, Includes 1/2 acres or less of land, livestock,fruits,trees, and play and work space.
Indentured Labor
Foreign workers contracted to labor on a Caribbean agricultural estate for a set period of time, often several years. Usually the contract stipulated paying off the travel debt incured by laborers, Similarily,IL exsists in most regions of the world
Monroe Doctrine
A proclamation issued by James Monroe in 1823 stating that the US wouldnt tollerate European military action in the Western Hemisphere. Focused on the Caribbean as a strategic area the doctrine. Was repeatedly invoked to justify US political intervention to the region during the Spanish-American war.
Formed in 1972, a trade organization that includes former English colonies. Created to assist poorer city-states financially.
Chain Migration
A pattern of migration in which a sending area becomes linked to a particular destination. Example- the DR to Queens,NY
Caribbean Dispora
The out migration of Caribbean peoples to destinations in North America and Europe. Practiced since 1950's due to regions limited economic opprotunities. Has become a way of life Depends on foreign readmittance
The blending of Africans, Europeans, and Amerindians' cultural elements into the unique socio-culture systems found in the Caribbean
Maroon Societies
Communities of runaway slavesThey offer the most compelling examples of African culture diffusion across the Atlantic
Free Trade System
Duty free and tax-exempt industrial parks for foreign corporations. used to create more jobs. Legalized foreign ownership, pursuit of direct foreign investments and cheap labor. Increasingly attractive location to assemble goods for N. Amer consumers.
Brain Drain
Migration of the best-educated people from developing countries to developed countries where economic opprotunities are greater but has created more financial loss in their own country
Money sent by immigrants to their home countries to support family members left behind. For many countries it is a principle source of foriegn exhchange
Altitudal Zonation
The relationship between higher elevations, cooler temmps and changes in vegetation that result from tge enviromental lapse rate. 4 zones: tierra caliente (hot land; sea level-3000), tierra templada (temperate land, 3000-6000), tierra fria (cold land, 6000-12000), tierra helada (frozen land, +12000)
El Nino
An abnormally large, warm current that appears off the coast of Ecuador and Peru in December. During El Nino year torrential rains can bring devestating floods to Pacific coast and drought conditions in the interior continet of the America.
The conversion of tropical forest into pasture for cattle ranching. Typically this process involves introducng species of grasses and cattle, mostly from Africa
Swidden Agriculture
Also called "slash and burn". A form of cultivation in which forested on brushy plots are cleaned of vegetation, burned, and then planted to crops, only to be abandoned a few years later as soil fertility declines
Complex social and economic linkages that form home and host countries through international migration. Unliker earlier generations of migrants, the 21st century migrants have more enduring and complex ties to their home due to technological advancemets
The southern common market est. in 1991 that calls for free trade among member states and common external tariffs for non member states. Argentina, Paraguay,Bazil, and Uraguay are members Chile is an associate member
A social and economic systerm used in early colonies where they were large native pops. Groups of Indians would be "commended" to a Spainard who would exact tribute from them in the form of labor or products. In return the Spainards tought the Indians Spanish and about Catholicism
Free Trade Area of the Americas`
a proposed hemispeheric trade association tha will include Latin America, N.America, and the Caribbean(-Cuba). Now the treaty is the biggest association with 800million people.
neoliberal policies
Economic policies widely adopted in the 90s that stress privatization, export production, and few restrictions on exports.
Assembly plants on the US/Mexico border built by foreign capital. Most produce are exported to US
Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty in 1494 between spain and Portugal that drew a North/South line 300 leagues west of the Azeres and Cape Verde Islands. Spain got West and Portugal got South
The spread of desert conditions into semiarid area due to improper management of the land.
A form of pastoralism in which animals are taken to high-altitude pastures during the summer months and return to low-altitude pastures during the winter months
a state where corruption is so institutionalized that politicians and buearacrates siphon off a huge % of a country's wealth
A wide variety of tribal regions based on the worship of nature's sprirts or human anscestors.
The Berlin Conference
1884 conference of European countries that created Africa's boundries. Satisfied European ambition but ignored indigenous cultural affiliation. Many of Africa's civil conflicts can be traced to it.
Ancient mega-continent that include Africa, South America, Antartica, Australia, Madagascar and Saudi Arabia 250mil years ago.
A way of life and livelihood centered around raising large animals usually cattle, sheep, goats and horses but sometimes camels, yaks, and others.
Tsete Fly
A fly that is a vaector for a parasite that causes sleeping sickness, a disease that affects humans and livestock. Livestock is rarely found in those areas of Africa where the tsetse fly is common