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enclosure movement
Fencing off common land into individual holdings suitable for large scale farming
seed drill
can plant seeds in regular rows rather than scattering
crop rotation
planting different crops every year to help preserve soil
cotton gin
removed seeds from cotton quicker
cottage industry
business involving family members who worked out of their home
flying shuttle
produce more textiles quicker to support population
Bessemer Process
made steel easier & cheaper
mass production
System of manufacturing a large number of identical items
Morse Code
"A form of communication that Became common form of communication by 1844
division of labor
Divided manufacturing process in series of steps
interchangeable parts
Product produced by piecing together with the same parts
assembly line
Conveyor belt carried unfinished part to each worker who put a part together as it went down the line
sole proprietorship
Business controlled & owned by one person
Business controlled by 2 or more people
Business organization in which shares of stock are bought & sold by individuals
utopian socialist
Believed in equality of all people & replacing competition with cooperation
Eli Whitney
Made the Cotton Gin
James Watt
improved the steam engine
Robert Fulton
Developed the steamboat in 1807
George Stephenson
Developed the 1st railroadcar in 1814
Wright Brother
Flew the 1st Air plane
Daimler & Wilhelm Maybach
Invented the 1st Automobile in 1889
Samuel Morse
Developed Morse Code
Alexander Graham Bell
Invented the telephone in 1876