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Which medication is proven to be effective in reducing perinatal morbidity and mortality associated with preterm labor?
Antenatal corticosteroids
Should give to any pregnant pt 24-24 weeks of gestation w/ intact membranes at high risk for preterm delivery

Betamethasone or Dexamethasone
--↓risk of infant respiratory distress syndrome by stimulating surfactant
-- ↓risk of intraventricular hemorrhage
Should lesbian women receive the Hep B vaccine?

Although they are at much lower risk of acquiring Hep B infection than gay men, they can still acquire the infection via vaginal and cervical secretions especially if they have multiple or new partners.
Concern with women with seizures and OCPs?
↓OCP efficacy due to induction of cytochrome P450 by the anti-seizure meds.

Neurontin and Valproate don’t, but the others do.
Doctors can provide care to adolescents w/o parental consent for what?

Substance use
Emotional illness
60 y/o F p/w mass protruding through vagina upon bearing down. C/o vaginal bleeding, pressure in pelvic area relieved by lying down. What is this?
Uterine prolapse.

Treat with surgery
Most common complication with norplant?
Menorrhagia (prolonged vaginal bleeding during the period)

Why are the following medications CI in pregnant pts?
Tetracycline: dental staining, ↓bone growth

Cipro: tendon rupture in young children

Sulfonamides: near term can cause displacement of bilirubin in fetal circulation (↑risk of hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus) Bactrim not advised in 1st & 3rd trimester
What do you do for pregnant pts w/ si/sx suggestive of UTI?
Begin empiric ABY tx immediately w/:
Cephalexin or Amoxicillin or Nitrofurantoin for 3-7 days
Tx of acute pyelonephritis in pregnant women?
Hospitalization & IV ABY (Ceftriaxone or Amp/Gent)
x 10-14 days

Remainder of pregnancy: low-dose ABY prophylaxis with Nitrofurantoin or cephalexin and monitoring of urine occasionally for infection.
How do you differentiate b/t the different causes of ascites?
Abdominal paracentesis and ascitic fluid analysis

SAAG: serum to ascitic fluid albumin gradient
SAAG= serum albumin –ascitic fluid albumin.

SAAG >/= 1.1 g/dL portal HTN
Most common cause of ascites is?
hepatic cirrhosis
Clinical conditions associated with a high SAAG?
SAAG >/= 1.1

Alcoholic Hepatitis
Clinical conditions associated with low SAAG?
SAAG < 1.1

Peritoneal carcinomatosis (i.e. ovarian cancer)
Peritoneal TB
Nephrotic syndrome
What is Budd Chiari syndrome?
Postsinusoidal non-cirrhotic causes of portal HTN

Caused by thrombosis of the hepatic veins and/or suprahepatic IVC.

SAAG >/= 1.1
What is HELLP syndrome?
Hemolytic anemia
Elevated LFTs
Low Platelets

Severe form of preeclampsia, therefore, MgSulfate is the standard of care for patients with this in order to reduce risk of seizure.