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Sociologists define society as
a system of social interaction
Emile Durkheim defined social facts as
having the remarkable property of existing outside the individual
Which explanation would someone use to explain an issue?
"There is a flaw or breakdown in an institutional arrangement."
An ________ is a relatively stable and predictable arrangement among people that has emerged over time with the purpose of coordinating human interaction and behaviors in ways that meet some social need.
With mechanization, the rise of two distinct classes emerged. The one that owns the means of production is called the?
According the Karl Marx, the character of conflict is shaped directly and profoundly by
means of production
According to Karl Marx, the sociologists task is to
analyze and explain conflict
Author of suicide
Emile Durkheim
According to functionalists, poverty exists because
it contributes to the stability of the overall economic system
Consequences disruptive to the system or to some segment of society
A community celebration provides an occasion to plan activities with family and friends
manifest function
In Mexico, foreign owned plants are known as?
conflict theorists focus on
competition over scarce and valued resources
A woman argues that the low salary she pays someone from Mexico to watch her kids is fair because "she got paid more than she would have if she was in Mexico." Conflict theorists call this line of reasoning?
the facade of legitimacy
Which perspective focuses on how people make sense of the world?
symbolic interaction
______ consists of situations in which two people communicate, interpret, and respond to each others words and actions
social interaction
Researchers should maintain objectivity. This means they should
not let personal and subjective views about the topic influence the observations or outcom
In theory, the first step in undertaking a sociological research project is
choosing a topic for investigation
When there is as likely a chance that any one member of a population will be selected for sample as another, the sample is said to be?
In research, the variable to be explained or predicted is known as?
the dependent variable
Microwave ovens are examples of?
material culture
nonmaterial culture includes all but which of the followingn concepts?
physical objects

DOES include:
beliefs, values, norms
Which of the following represents the best example of a belief?
The idea that "children should live with their parents until they get married."
_______ are socially shared ideas about what is good, right, and desirable.
In the US many diners pass items around the table and use special serving utensils to take food from bowls and plates. These behaviors represent?
A folkway is?
A norm that applies to routine, everyday matters
Which one of the following is an example of a more?
Do not take the life of another person except for just cause.
___________ are internal bodily sensations that we experience in relationships with other people.
social emotions
Feeling rules are?
norms that specify appropriate ways to express internal sensations
Upon visiting the US for the first time, a physician from Japan observed that the "please help yourself" translates to "nobody else will help you." He is experiencing?
culture shock
Upon returning home to the US after a long stay overseas, Michael and Renee feel like they were going "crazy."
They were experiencing what?
Reentry shock
Most people take an ethnocentric view toward foreign cultures; that is, they
use their home culture as the standard for judging the worth of another culture.
The most extreme as most destructive form of ethnocentrism is?
cultural genocide
A perspective of cultural relativism
requires that people not judge another culture according to the standards of a home culture.
According to C Wright Mills, the willingness to view the social world from the perspective of others is known as?
The sociological imagination
Emile Durkheim
The sociologists task is to study social facts
Karl Marx
Every historical period is characterized by a system of production that gives rise to specific types of confrontation between an exploiting andd an exploited class.
Harriett Martineau
In conducting social research it is important to see a country in all its diversity.
Max Weber
The sociologist's task is to analyze and explain the course and the consequences of social action
W.E.B. DuBois
"the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line."