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a literary work dealing with very serious and imporant themes, in which a tragic figure meets distruction, usually through some personal flaw/ weakness
an event/ detail that is chronologically out of its proper time in history
Blank verse
unrhymed iambic pentameter
(5 ft. of unstressed-stressed syllables)
a pair of successive rhymed lines of poetry- they emphasize a complete thought
Dramatic irony
where the audience/ reader know something that a character in the story doesn't know
a character used to contrast with another who is a foil to another charater helps bring out the other person's particular characteristics
the use of clues that hint important plot developements that are to follow in the story/ drama (to create suspense & anxiety)
Tragic hero
person of high rank/ sation in life who has a tragic flaw that leads to his downfall
1/3 men who rule together
main character in sotry with who we sympathize (Brutus in Julius Ceasar
funny play on words using
1)2 or more different meanings of hte same word
2)2 or more wordsthat are homonyms
dramatic speech of 1 person on stage to himself during this character conveys his deepest thoughts to the audience
Epicurean Philosophy
Cassius, Pleasure is chief god. Greatest evil is fear esp. fear of death. No gods. No afterlife.
Stoic philosophy
Brutus, sub. for religion supreme end of life is virtue, virtue seeks expression in action performance of duty is result of wisdom. Joy and quilt shouldn't be outwardly shown. Wise man. while not w/o feeling must be w/o passion.
Feb. 15, younger public officials shirtless ran amoun crowd w/ whips striking @ woman who offered themselves to the blows b/c they're childless- supposed to be magical virtue in the blows
Ides of March
March 15