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A type of anecdotal observation used to identify potential target behaviors
ABC recording
The observer records a descriptive, temporally sequenced account of all behavior/s of interest and the antecedent conditions and consequences for these behaviors as those events occur in the clients natural environment
Anecdotal observation
Provides descriptions of specific behaviors and conditions under which each behavior should occur
Behavior checklist
A method of figuring out what the individuals problem is and how to change it for the better
Behavioral assessment
A behavior that has consequences beyond the change itself, which exposes the individuals repertoire to new environment
Behavioral cusp
A method of figuring out the complex interrelationships between behavior and the various environments in which the individual lives
Ecological assessment
Designates responses as members of the targeted response class solely in terms of their common effect of the environment
Function-based definition
An individuals repertoire maximizes short- and long-term reinforcers and minimizes short- and long-term punishers
A target behavior is chosen because it would be functional to the individual in integrated real-world environment
A behavior that, once learned produces corresponding modifications in other adaptive untrained behaviors
Pivotal behavior
An assessment or other meadurement procedure has an effect on the behavior being monitored
A target behavior produces reinforcement for the individual in the post intervention environment
Relevance of behavior rule
A target behavior is chosen for its importance to the individuals life and society
Social validity
The specific behavior selected for change
Target behavior