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Competitive Product Space
Company's portfolio along product attributes
Resp Time
Strategic Positioning
Those positions the firms wants to occupy in its competitive space
Comp Space --> Str Pos
Operational Effectiveness
Develop processes and policies that support their strategic position better than competition processes and policies do
Corporate Strategy
Defines businesses in which corporation will participate

Specifies how key resources will be acquired and allocated to each business
Corp Str
Bus Str
Func Str
Op Str
Business Strategy
Defines scope of each division
- attributes
- market segment
Corp Str
Bus Str
Func Str
Op Str
Functional Strategy
Define purpose for Marketing, Operations, and Finance
Operation Strategy
Develops business processes that best enable a firm to produce and deliver products in Business Strategy
Bus Str
---> Ops Str
Strategic Fit
Consistency between competitive advantage a firm seeks and the process architecture/mgt policies employed to achieve that advantage
Cost Efficiency
Achieving a desired level of outputs with a minimal level of inputs and resources
Process is efficient
Low Cost
Process is effective
Supports execution of company's strategy
Components of a firms strategy
1. Strategic Position
2. Process Architecture
3. Managerial Policies
Market Driven Strategy
Starts with "Key Competitive Priorities" and then develops processes to support them
Process Driven Strategy
Starts with a given set of process competencies and then identifies a market postion that is best supported by those processes
1. PCs
2. MP
Focused Strategy
Committing to a limited, congruent set of objs in terms of demand and supply

Serving limited market segment
Focused Process
Products fall within a small region of the competitive product space
Plant Within a Plant
Entire facility divided into several miniplants, each with its own specific mission
Product-Process matrix
tool for matching processes to products
Proc Flex
. Batch
. Line Flows
. Continuous Flow
......................Prod Var
Trade off
Decreasing one aspect to increase another
Operations frontier
Smallest curve that contains all current industry positions.
Division of Labor
Process and org structure where people are specialized by function - dedicated to a specific task
Functional Specialization
Process and org structure where people are specialized by function - dedicated to a specific task
Product Specialization
Process and org structure where people are specialized by product - dedicated to a specific product line
Mass production
Production of goods in quantity
American System of Manuf
Use of interchangeable parts

-eliminates need to custom-fit parts during assy
Flexible Mass Production
method of high-volume production that allows difference in products
Productivity Dilemma
choose between low productivity, high variety and high productivity, low variety
Statistical Quality Control
Mgt approach that relies on sampling of flow units and statistical theory to ensure the quality of the process