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Who were the Hyksos?
They were invaders that ruled Egypt from 1640 to 1570 B.C.
What was the New Kingdom?
A period of time after the Hyksos rulers.
Who was Hatshepsut?
New Kingdom ruler who encouraged trade.
Who was Thutmose III?
He was a warlike ruler; stepson of Hatshepsut.
Where and What is Nubia?
Nubia is a region of Africa that borders Egypt.
Who was Ramses II?
He was pharoah and great builder of Egypt.
What was Kush?
Kush was a Nubian Kingdom.
Who was Piankhi?
He was a Kushite king who forced the Libyans out of Egypt.
What was Meroe?
It was the home and trading center of the Kush kingdom.