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Total War
When the entirety of a country's resources is directed towards war.
Balance-of-Power/Congress of Vienna
A situation in which peace is ensured by equilibrium of
alliances between major powers that check any move toward hegemony.
Woodrow Wilson
President of United States - US influence on treaty of versailles (not really)
A group that shares a unique history, language, and religion, customs, art, ect.
Submerged Nation
A Nation that Struggles to gain their national independence.
War Materiel
war in which the fighting side with the most supplies and materials has advantage
Aggressive Nationalism
A blind desire to make one country greater or stronger entirely regardless of the rights or wishes of other nations.
Schlieffen Plan
Germany's plan devised to prevent a two-front war. The plan consisted of Germany invading Belgium in hope of racing throught the Belgium-France border and capturing Paris. Once this was to be completed, German armies were to travel by rail accross Germany to the Russian border, where the would fight.
A state which is fought over
Putting your countries needs before those of other countries--even if it means avoiding a commitment
A passenger ship, which on route to Britain, from the US, fell victim to german unrestricted submarine warfare.
Members of the left-wing majority group of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party
that adopted Lenin's theses on party organization in 1903.
Self Determination
Gives Nations the righ to decide their own destiny.

Nation State
A human-made territorial political units that holds sovereignty, the ability to make laws and impose punishment, includes death over its people.
David Lloyd George
Prime Minister of Great Britain who plays a main role in the creation of the treaty of versailles
League of Nations
A world organization set up in 1919 to prevent outbreaks of other wars by use of collective security
Successor State
Those nations that were created out of the collapse of Russia, Germany, Astro-Hungry and Turkish Empire after WW1. Poland is an example of a nation created.
Collective Security
an attack against one is an attack against all.
Georges Clemenceau
President of France - france's influence on the treaty of Versailles.
A male monarch or emperor who ruled Russia.