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what were the two powers in World War I
The Allied and the Axis powers.
Which four countries were present in the Paris Peace Conference in 1919?
The US, France, Great Britain and Italy.
What was so important about The Treaty of Versialles?
There became a League of Nations, territorial losses for Germany, military restrictions for Germany and the war guilt was put upon Germany.
Why was the Treaty of Versialles unsuccessful?
The US rejected the this action along with the League of Nations.
What was one of the most signoficant events which took place after WWI?
The Russian Revolution
Why was propaganda so important to this war?
It was used to keep up morale and for uses of support for the war.
Who gained free reigned victory on the Eastern Front?
The Germans.
what were two war monuments that were built after World War I?
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Britain, and a soldier throwing a grenade, in Germany.
Why was the peace settlement so harsh for many nations?
It was harsh so that Germany would not become as strong as it did, it also helped cause WWII.
Why was the generation of WWI soldiers considered a lost generation?
There was large scale suffering, pointlessness, and disillusionment that was never seen before.