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what is proper court conduct when playing on same tennis thing as someone else?
do not walk across courts, don't talk to other people playing on other courts
what should you do if you need to rest?
you can't (you must forfeit)
who is responsible for calling lines?
you call lines on your own side (everyone)
what should the server do if you serve after you call the score and the oppenent says they weren't ready?
too bad! everything is game once score is called
who calls the score and how do you determine who's score is said first?
server calls score and announces his/her serve first, then opp.'s score
whats the correct procedure for getting a ball from another court?
wait until current point is payed out, then say "ball please!"
what should you do if you know a ball is going past the baseline and it will be out?
don't call until it hits the ground
why should players pick up spare balls on their side?
so they aren't a hazard when they run around
when should you switch sides of the net?
when the game total played= odd #
1st- yes
3rd- yes
4th- no
must doubles players alternate hitting the ball?
no, one player can hit the ball repeatedly. the ball could go anywhere after an oppenent hits it, and as long as it is in, it is your team's duty to hit it.
can a player call a "let" when a ball from another court gets in the way?
yes. this is called an interference.
what happens if your ball hits the net?
your team loses that point (the other team wins that point)
if a ball hits the net, is it a let?
no, let can only be called on serves.
what is it called when a server crosses the baseline before contact with the ball?
a fault
what should players do when a let is called on a 1st serve?
replay th 1st serve.
when playing doubles, how does the job of server rotate through players?
spin a raquet to see who goes first. whoever wins the raquet spin chooses if they serve first or second. once the first server serves for the first game, the other team chooses between themselves who will serve next. then the person who didn't serve from the other team serves, and then the remaining on the other team.
what does the person who wins the raquet spin get to choose?
who serves first and what side of the net they will play on.
what should you say when shaking hands after a match?
congrats to winners.
what should a player do ifthey are unsure whether or not a ball is in?
give opponents benefit of the doubt
should players do if they cannot agree on a score?
go back to the last score on which there was agreement.
what is allowed during warmup?
2 practice serves and 5 minutes of rallying
is a ball that lands on the baseline in or oout?
in *all lines are in
how must a player return a serve? (can they volly, etc.)
they must wait til' it bounces once and then return.
what happens if a server swings and misses a ball?
its considereda fault
match point
win by 2 games and 2 points
set point
win by at least 2 games
ad (vantage) out
if one has 1 point above deuce and is serving/receiving the winning point and loses that point, they are at AD out
ad (vantage) in
if the score is deuce and the server serves and wins that pont, they now have an advantage
is it wrong to receive the ball in net-volley position?
yes, the person in the back always receives the ball.
is it wrong for a receiver o stand anywhere on his/her court?
no, the server can serve anywhere as long as it is in, and the receiver should do anything to return it.
in a best of 3 sets match, if the score is 6-4, 6-3, what happened and what hppens next?
they won (the team won both sets)
if the game score is 6-5 and the other players have 6, is the set over?
no, they must win by 2
if the server wins the first point in the game, how is the score announced?
15-love (says server)
in a tennis tournament, there are at least_____ points in a ______ and at least _____ games in a _____ and they best ___ out of ____sets wins the _____.
tie break system is often used to shorten a set when the # of games in a set reaches ____.
player wins a set when he/she is the 1st teh win __ games and is ahead by ___.
no score is often called
the 4 points in a game are
15 30 40 game
on the 2nd point of a game, the server must serve into the opp.'s
add service court
on the 1st point of the game, the server must serve in an opp.'s
deuce service court.