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Emergent Properties
The living world has a hierarchical organization, from molecules to the biosphere. With each step upward in organizational level, novel properties emerge as a result of interactions among components at the lower levels.
The cell
Cells are organism's basic unit of structure and function. Prokaryotic (bacteria and archaea), Eukaryotic (protists, plants, fungi, and animals)
Heritable Information
The continuity of life depends on the inheritance of biological information in the form of DNA molecules. This genetic information is encoded in the nucleotide sequences of the DNA.
Form and functions are correlated at all levels of biological organization
Interaction with the Environment
Organisms are open systems that exchange materials and energy with their surroundings. An organisms environment includes other organisms as well as nonliving factors
Feedback mechanisms regulate biological systems. In some cases, the regulation maintains homeostasis, a relatively steady state for internal factors such as body temperature
Unity and Diversity
Biologists group the diversity of life into three domains; Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. Universal genetic code is same throughout (unity).
Biology's core theme, explains unity and diversity. Darwinian theory explains adaptation of populations to their environment through differential reproductive success of varying individuals.
Scientific Inquiry
Hypothetic-deductive method; depends on repeatability; observations, question, hypothesis, prediction, test.
Science, technology, society
Technology is crucial to biology advancement