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If you break a traffic law in a construction zone, your fine will be:
Safe driving practice requires a following distance of _____ seconds in dry weather and ____ seconds in wet weather.

The most common weapon used by a road raging driver is:
a firearm
The zero tolerance law states that any driver under the age of 21 who has any measurable amount of alcohol in their system will automatically lose their license for:
a year
You may only attend traffic school to erase a ticket from your driving record once every:
18 months
Scanning means that you don't:
Focus on the road directly in front of you
To drive a motor cycle you must obtain a special license called:
a class M license
If you drive a car with anti-lock breaks, they will not be effective if you ____ ____ to avoid a skid.
pump them
You must have your head lights on any time it is necessary to use your:
windshield wipers
Before teenagers take their permit test, they must present a certificate of completion of driver education and a certificate from a driving school that states they are:
enrolled in a driver training course
You must demonstrate your knowledge of ___ _______ _______ prior to beginning your DMV drive test.
arm traffic signals
Along with point deductions on the drive test, there are _____ ___________ that will result in an automatic failure.
eight infractions
Irresponsible use of prescription and over the counter drugs while driving can result in:
loss of driving privilege
Cars that arrive at an intersection first:
have the right of way
If cars arrive at an intersection at the same time:
the car on the right has the right of way
You may lose your driving privilege for up to _ _____ for driving with out proper auto coverage.
4 years
It is _____ _____ to drive with only your parking lights on.
never legal
If you ignore a school bus' flashing red lights you
1. Will face a steep fine

2. Will receive a 2 point count on your driving record