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What is a program used to create and edit rows and columns of numerical data?
What do we call the input device used for moving a cursor on the screen?
The Mouse
What is a small picture or symbol of a computer command or function?
Which term means to erase text or graphics?
What do we call the parts of the computer that you can see and touch?
Who is the father of computers?
Charles Babbage
What is the main feature of the Internet?
World Wide Web (WWW)
What are programs that run on your computer called?
What do we call application software programs specially designed to create letters and reports?
Word Processing
What is another name for facts that you give to your computer?
What do we call the paper that has your printed work on it?
Hard Copy
This is a peripheral device which produces an on-screen display and includes all internal circuitry, such as the cathode ray tube.
What do we call the brain of the computer?
CPU or Central Processing Unit
This is the name for the permanent memory chip inside of the computer. Its contents can not be altered or erased.
ROM or Read Only Memory
What do we call the movement of text upward and downward on the screen?
This is an enormous network made up of thousands of interconnected smaller networks throughout the entire world. It is also known as the information superhighway.
The Internet
What is another name for the d:drive?
CD-ROM Drive
What is the system board of a computer called?
The Motherboard
What is used to move blocks of text or graphics from one place in your document to another?
Cut and Paste
This device changes a computer's code into signals that can travel over telephone wires.
What do we call the letters, numbers, and symbols that are used on the keyboard?
This is another name for temporary memory. Once you turn off the computer all of its contents will be erased.
RAM or Random Access Memory
What do we call circuit boards which are connected to the expansion slots on the motherboard of the computer?
What is the feature on the computer that checks your spelling and makes correct suggestions for you?
Spell Check
What is the name for electronic mailing of personal letters from one computer to another?
What do we call software programs which can be purchased inexpensively and shared with your friends?
What is the name of the different styles of lettering that characters can be?