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What is Print?
To produce a copy of the document onto paper, computer screen, or diskette.
What is a Cursor?
A highlighted or bright (sometimes blinking) line or other mark that shows where information is being input; that is, where the next letter or character will appear. Sometimes the cursor is a special picture or icon.
What are the Home Row Keys?
The keys on the keyboard a,s,d,f,j,k,l,; are home row keys. The row of keys called the "middle row" in some keying technique methods.
What is Load?
To enter a program or file into a computer's memory.
What is Software?
Program material for computers, instructions to the CPU to tell it what to do with the data it receives.
What are your Home Row Keys?
The starting point for your hands when beginning to keyboard using common keying techniques.
What is a delete/backspace key?
Key on a keyboard that moves the cursor to the left one space at a time and, on some keyboards and with most word processing software, deletes characters.
What is a Laser Printer?
A printer that produces high quality images using a method similar to that of a photocopying machine.
What is the Tab Key?
Key on a keyboard that is used to move the cursor directly to a tab stop. A key on the keyboard that causes the cursor to jump to a specific place such as to indent paragraphs or make columns.
What is Retrieve?
To load a file from a diskette or hard drive.
What is Save?
To store a file on diskette or hard drive for future use.
What is a File?
A collection of related records in a database. A word processing document.
How do you Edit/editing?
Change or make corrections in a document. To make any change to the contents of a database.