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What is an active cell?
The cell in a spreadsheet application in which data may be entered.
What is a column?
A vertical row of cells in a spreadsheet document.
What is a Digital Camera?
It allows you to take pictures and store photographed images digitally, instead of on traditional film.
What is a Label?
A type of data that can be entered into a spreadsheet. It consists of words that usually label a column or row of numbers
What is an entry bar?
The bar across the top of a spreadsheet document that displays the data being entered in the active cell.
What is a Scanner?
A light sensing input device that reads printed text and/or graphics and stores the scanned material into computer memory.
What is Move?
To rearrange text in a document.
What is a Formula?
An equation which will perform a mathematical calculatioin in a spreadsheet.
What is a cell?
The space on a spreadsheet where a column and row intersect.
What is Multimedia?
Any application that integrates text with graphics, sound, video, or other media. Multimedia is used in games, business presentations, interactive tutorials.