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In what year did the labour riots take place which were the beginnning of our road to nationhood?
In what year was the first election under universal suffrage held?
What year did World War 11 end?
When the war ended the world's resources that had been focused on warfare were shifted towards..what?
Who wrote the book 'When Me Was A Boy' and what was this book telling us?
Charles Hyatt,it tells us about the life in Kingston at the time.(1930s and 1940s)
Name three advantages of technological changes.
1.create jobs that had not been there before
2.forced people to develop new skills to match the new technology.
3.improved communication and transportation
Name three disadvantages of technological changes.
1.slowly the role of the teacher is being replaced by computers
2.over use of the cell phones cause cancer and men have a low sperm count.
3.some jobs have been eliminated because of the use of machines
What year was the electric bulb invented and where?
1879 in the U.S.A
Whaich town in Jamaica was the first to have electric lights?
Black River
After the company closed down in what year was electricity re-introduced in Black river.
What is plastic made from?
Before plastic what were domestic items domestic items made of?
ceramic,glass,enamel or metal
Name 3 heavy duty equipment used for industrial work.
Name the first radio station in Jamaica and when did it begin operation?
ZQI,it began operation in November 1939
What did ZQI change to?
RJR-Radio Jamaica and Rediffusion
the first radios were big but with the change from tubes to ________ the size was considerably reduced.
What does JBC stand for?
Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation
What is our first TV station?
When RJR purchased JBC what was the TV station renamed?
SSTV(Super Supreme)
When was SSTV renamed TVJ?
What is the list of all people involved in making the show at the end of locally made programmes call?
the credits
Name 3 people that work for a radio/TV station.
broadcasters,producers,officestaff,sales people,technical staff,library staff,newsroom staff
Secretaries first used manual typewriters then electrical typewriters;many of them now use...
word processors
When was the first telephone installed in Jamaica and where?
Kingston in 1878.
The first planes were__________ and were called..
amphibian,flying boats
Name 2 traditional exports in agriculture.
Name 2 traditional exports in mining
Three taditional exports in manufacturing are..
sugar,rum,citrus products,coffee products,cocoa products
Name 4 non-traditional exports.
okra,cucumber,pumpkins,dasheen,yams,sweet potatoes
Where is most of apparel made?
Free Zones
Horses need shoes and these are made by ...
a blacksmith
Where is the Caymanas race track?
How long will a plastic bottle take to disintegrate if thrown into the garbage?
100 years
Glass bottles are made in Jamaica by..
West Indies Glass Co. Ltd.
What must be created to put information on the internet?
a web site
What is the linking called?
going online
Web sites addresses usually begin with www,which means..
World Wide Web
Through this medium a message typed into a computer linked to a telephone reaches its destination anywhere in the world instantaneously is called..
electronic mail(e-mail)