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What are the tricks of a multiple choice question?
Read all the choices before you select the answer
Be carefull of answers that have all of the above
Eliminate all the options that you know are wrong
What are the tricks of a true or false question?
If part of the question is wrong then all of it is wrong
Wrong answers: all, always, never, and every
True answers: some, usually, often, most.
What are the tricks of a matching question?
Read the directions carefully
Read all items
Match answers you know first
List 2 tips of a short answer question.
Read the directions
Use best grammer, spelling
If you don't know, skip and go back
What are the tips for an essay question?
Use the writing process
Remember to proofread
Watch the time
Define S.M.A.R.T.
Complete a S.M.A.R.T. goal
Fill in
What is the definition of SQ3R?
How does SQ3R apply to reading tasks?
So you can get the most out of your reading.
What are the traits of Tech Reading and Writing?
Help students understand reading.
When would you use SQ3R?
when reading textbooks
What sets technical writing from other types of text?
right to the point, very precise, gives you your information quickly.
What are some examples of types of technical writing?
technical manuels,
List the types of logical fallacies.
Begging the question, Straw man, Ad hominem, Red Herring, Guilt by Assoc, False Assumption
What are the types of propaganda techniques?
Bandwagon, Glittering generality, Card Stacking, Lesser of two evils, Name calling
If you were a true american, you would support the war effort and ration!
What propaganda technique is this?
The school did a survey about school lunches. Most of the students didn't like school lunches.They decided to not tell anyone about that question. Instead, they told people that school lunches had improved since students took the poll. What logical fallacy is that?
False assumption
What should a good resume do?
For job applications and resumes, they NEED to be tidy and organized. They should say the best things about you and your expereince and not go on forever.
Select the best method of organization to use.

give me driving directions to your house.
spatial order
select the best method of organization

explain the results of a survey on what people like to do on their vacations
order of importance