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What is the Legislative branch of government?
*create laws
*House of Rep. & Senate
*House- 435 members; 2 yr term
*Senate- 100 members; 6 yr term
What is the Judicial branch of government?
Interpret laws by comparing them with constitution
*Supreme Court (9 members); life term, appointed by pres.
What is the Executive branch of goverment?
Enforce Laws (President)
*4 yr term, 35 yrs old +, born in U.S., 14 yr residency +
What is the name of the supreme court case that dealt with judical review?
Marbury vs. Madison
What are the key points in lecturing?
1. vary tone and pitch
2. focus on big idea
3. eye contact
4. ask questions
5. know audience
6. hold students responsible for content
What are the types of modeling?
1.Personal- conduct class and yourself
2. Task- guide practice, demonstration
3. Metacognitive- think aloud
What is the goal of a case study?
to argue points and to persuade others
(cognitive affective domain)
What are the types of case studies?
1. Full case
2. Sequential
3. Research Case
4. Unsifted
What are the big four in textbook publishing?
Florida, Californa, Texas and New York
What is the teacher proof model?
Textbook companies provide enough info and extra stuff to help teachers with time constraints and dummy proof lessons
What are some criticisms of textbooks?
1. biased against minorities
2. innacurate
3. trivial info
4. boring
What are the 3 phases of reading?
1. pre reading (vocab, obj)
2. reading (aloud, pair, silent)
3. post reading (debrief, discuss)
What is important about reading charts and statistics?
* healthy skepticism
* read scale carefully
*statistics can be skewed to mean almost anything
What are the types of statistics?
*quantitative- diff. of amount (#s)
*qualitative- diff of kind
What is the most effective way to teach charts and graphs?
have students create themselves so that they are relative to thier lives
What is important to know about using videos to teach?
use in 10-20 min. increments and make sure the content is gronded in lesson (debrief)
What is a breakout group?
quick group (not structured like cooperative learning)
*think pair share
What is cooperative learning?
structured group learning, memebers held accountable, required interpersonal skills
What are the key elements of cooperative learning?
1. teacher supervisio
2. heterogenous groups
3. face to face interaction
4. social skills
5. group processing
What is the purpose of homework?
1. effectively cover material
2. encourage responsibility
3. show parents the classroom is productive
What are the goals of homework?
1. practice skills
2. learn baseline info before lesson
3. apply concepts learned in class
4. self discipline
What is Jason O'Briens quote?
"Kickball, Phonecalls, and Friday Homework"