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What is Computer Memory?
Temporary electronic storage used by the computer to store data and programs.
What is the Computing Cycle?
The computing cycle involves taking in data, processing the data, storing the data and outputting the results to you.
What comprises the Computer System?
The collection of hardware and software.
What is the BIOS?
Bios stands for Basic Input/Output System and it contains the initial instructions to start the computer.
What is the POST?
POST stands for Power-on Self Test and is run by the Bios when the computer starts
What is the Operating System (OS)?
A collection of programs that tell the computer to to function and manage its operation
What is an Interface?
The parts of the operating system that allows the user to communicate with it - such as menus, icons.
What is an Icon?
A small graphic that represents the system's options.
What is GUI
GUI is the Graphic User Interfact and is a visual means of communicating with the operating system.
What is an Application Program
A set of instructions that tells the computer how to complete a task.
What is an Integrated Software Package?
A collection of popular applications combined into a single application - Microsoft Office.
Name 2 input devices.
Keyboard & Mouse
What is meant by Soft Copy?
Information presented on the monitor that will disappear when the system is turned off.
What is meant by Hard Copy?
Printed information
What is Resolution
Clarity or crispness of an image on a monitor
What is a Pixel?
Pixel stands for Picture Element and is a single colored dot on the monitor screen. Thousands of pixels make up the content of the screen.
How is the resolution of a printer expressed?
In Dots Per Inch (DPI).
What is the CPU?
The Central Processing Unit is a microprocessor that controls almost all of the operations of the computer.
What is RAM
Random Access Memory is temporary memory used by the CPU to store data. The data is lost when the computer is turned off.
What is a Byte
A byte is 8 bits and is roughly equal to one letter or number
What is a Gigabyte
1 billion bytes.
What is a Floppy Disk
A disk with magnetically encoded data stored on it.
What is a File?
A collection of related data.
What is a Folder?
A collection of files.
What is a virus?
A program written to disrupt the operation of a computer and/or destroy data. Viruses can be transferred from computer to computer.
What is an Antivirus Program
A program that can detect and destroy virus programs.
What is a CD-ROM
Compact Disk Read Only Memory - information stored by pits burned by a laser
What is CD-R
CD-R is a type of CD that can be written on - only once. Stores 650 megabytes.
What is a CD-RW
A type of CD that can be written on many times.
What are DVD-ROMs?
Digital Versitile Disk - can store much more information than a CD (4.7 gigabytes)
Name 2 Output Devices
Monitor & Printer
What is a Network?
A network is a connection of multiple computers - usually through a server.
What is a Workstation?
Individual computers connected to a network
What is the name of the device that connects the workstations to the server?
Any workstation or device that is connected to the network is called a___
Small networks that connect machines in a local area are called _____
Local Area Networks (LANs)
Larger networks that connect nodes over a wide area are called _____
Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Nodes communicate with each other and to the server by sending information in ___________
The carrying capacity of the network is called its __________
What is a Site License
Site Licenses allow the use of a program on any machine on the network.
What is Groupware
Minimum common software available to all workstations such as a calendar, address book, email