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Ungubani lo mngane wakho?
Who is she (What is the name of) this friend of yours?
Ungu______ igama lakhe.
___________ is his/her name. (lit. He/She is ______ his/her name)
Uthanda abantwana lo mngane wakho?
Is she/he fond of children - this friend of yours.
Very much!
Ushadile na?
Is he/she married?
Uyakwazi ukupheka?
Can he/she cook? (Does he/she know how to cook?)
Angazi kodwa ...
I do not know but ...
I am sure
she knows / can
Uyakwazi ukukhuluma isiNgisi lo mame?
Can this lady speak English? (lit Does this lady know how to speak English?)
term of respect when addressing a married woman
Umgumlobo muni?
What nationality is she?
She is a Zulu
Angaqala nini?
When can she start?
Angazi kodwa ngizombuza
I do not know but I will ask her
Mtshele ukuthi ngithando ukumbona
Tell her that I would like to see her.
Kulungile ngizomtshela
OK - I will tell her