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Coercive Acts
1)no ship could enter or leave until paid tea
2) Gave gov. power to transfer trails of soldiers
3) Gave control over town meetings and replaced w/ elected council.
4) Made colonist have British soldiers in house
Tea Act Allowed
East India Company to sell tea directly to American Retailers .
Repealed the English tax on tea.
AKA(coercive acts)
Intolerable Acts- something that you cannot stand
Boston Tea "Party"
Adams gives signal and chest of tea worth F15,000 distroyed.
Celebration for those who participated
Amer. were upset, who?
Because the Parliament was giving Enlgish Comp. Monopoly( control of a productin market)
Smugglers and Importers, merchants and business people
Prime Minister thought Americans would not mind
The cost of tea would be reduced to Americans, only pay 3 cent charge(indirect tax)