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Will a five-minute wait be required before entering the main track at Arkansas? When is a five minute wait required before entering the main track?
No, because there in restricted limits unless a block signal displays a proceed indication.
A five minute wait is required when the switch is equipped with an electrical lock. Block signal governing movement to signaled track indicating proceed
The inbound crew tells them the previous signal was an Advance Approach. Engineer Owens and Conductor Clark board the train and call the dispatcher. How must the train be handled to the next signal?
(delayed within a block) proceed prepared to stop at the next signal until the signal can be seen and it's a proceed indication
After helping Felty with his repair,how can the train proceed? This preceding signal was Clear.
Proceed at resticted speed to the next signal is visible it is proceed signal,track is clear
They stop short of the signal and call for the dispatcher,but there is no reply.How can they proceed?
Verbal permission first or pull ahead 100ft, wait 5 minutes,then proceed at restricted speed until the leading wheels pass next governing signal.
At what speed can the train operate in Platte Siding?
not exceeding 20mph
At what speed should the train be moving once they are clear of the siding?
Foreman Garcia contacts the train, relaying for Foreman Walter, and asks if the train is still on the move. The crew tells him no, that they are waiting for permission through the Form B. He says, " Foreman Garcia, relaying for Foreman Walter on gang 8-5-0-7, using track warrant form B bulletin number 1-4-7-1-6-2, line one, main one, Big Rivers Sub. UP 8482 may pass the red flag at MP 30.0 without stopping at maximum authorized speed. " What is there response?
were at the siding at RO33 and we need permission to enter the siding at R033, inform Garcia it's an East bound train
While the crew is informing the dispatcher that all switches are back in power the dispatcher calls and says "FF" is in effect between MP17 and 15." How should the crew handle there train?
proceed prepared to stop, operate the engine at 5 mph or less if water is above the top of the rail, it it's above 3 inches a mechanical department supervisor needs to authorize movement
The train passes over a dragging equipment detector at MP 22.0. If the scanner identifies a defect, when should Owens stop the train?
immediately and inspect for dragging equipment and notify the dispatcher
Clark and the track inspector physically count 462 axles back and are now looking at the car marked ITLX 40429. They do not see anything underneath the car. What do they do now if the train is on concrete ties?
an audible inspection, position yourself 10 car lenghs ahead and drag by 20 cars
Before the coupling is made, Clark stop the move. The drawbars need adjustment. What separation and protection does he need before going between equipment?
100ft seperation, red zone, tie hand brakes on no less than 2 cars
Narrowly missing the fertilizer truck, the train is now stopped at Columbia. Since the train was placed in emergency, is a Class III air brake test required before departing? Will the crew be required to inspect the train to ensure all wheels are properly position on the track?
no Class III, no if the break pipe pressure is immediately restored and it exceeds 20 mph