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What is the acronym for the first line of MS drug therapy?
MS patients who are on the ABCRN drug therapy may feel ____ like symptoms.
ABCRN therapy is administered how?
IM - remember to rotate sites,
What are some side effects of ABCRN therapy?
suicide ideation, depression, sun hypersensitivity, blue/green urine
What does ABCRN stand for?
A - Avonex
B - Betaseron
C - Copaxone
R - Rebiff
N - Norvantrone
What do immodulators do?
Reroute or remodel the immune response.
What are the 3 types of medication (general) used with MS?
immunosuppresants, steroids, and muscle relaxants
A in ABCRN stands for what?
How often administered?
Interferon beta-1a (Avonex)IM once weekly
C in ABCRN stands for what?
How often administered?
Copaxone-SQ daily
B in ABCRN stand for what?
How often administered?
Interferon beta-1b (Betaseron) also called Imuran or Interferon-IM once weekly
What are some symptoms that you should think about when a person is on corticosteroids?
Cushings, immunosuppression, hyperglycemia, hypocalemia, easy bruising, GI upset, onion skin
baclofen, Zaniflex, and dantrolene are examples of what?
antispasmodics/muscle relaxers
Parkinson's doesn't occur until ___ of the neurons are lost in the _____ _______.
substantia negra
How does Parkinson's progress?
What is the classic triad used in dx Parkinsons?
tremors, rigidity, bradykinesia
Levodopa is used to treat ___________. It crosses the blood brain barrier and the brain converts to ________.
What type of surgery is used to treat Parkinsons?
deep brain stimulation
What is a myasthenic crisis
muscle weakness that affects breathing and swallowing
What type of drug therapy is used for MG?
anticholinesterase and/or immunosuppression
What med is used to slow progression of ALS?
delays tracheostomy and death by a few months