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Which berb is the best for promoting urination and reducing edema?
Ma Huang
Which herbs are best for opening the nasal passages?
Cang Er Zi, Xin Yi Hua
Which herbs are best for clearing the liver and brightening the eyes?
Sang Ye, Ju Hua
Which of the following symptoms is NOT seen in external wind cold?
Floating and Rapid Pulse
Which herb is the best for the following symptoms: headache, chills, slight sweating, and chest “Bi” syndrome?
Gui Zhi
Which herb is the best for the following symptoms: cough, fever, chills, phlegm, stuffy nose, and tetanus?
Fang Feng
Which herb is NOT useful for wind cold nasal congestion and sinus headache?
Niu Bang Zi
Bo He can treat all of the following symptoms except?
Qi deficiency with sweating
Which herb is best for relieving stiff or tight muscles in the upper back and neck?
Ge Gen
Which herb is the best for treating alternating chills and fever with bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting, chest tightness, and flank pain associated with the Shao Yang stage of externally contracted disorders?
Chai Hu
What is the maximum dosage for Xi Xin?
1 Qian
Which herb is good for treating vertex headache from wind cold?
Gao Ben
Which herb is good for treating frontal headache from wind cold?
Bai Zhi
Which group of herbs is the best for raising the Yang Qi when there is collapse of organs?
Chai Hu, Sheng Ma
Which herb clears wind heat and benefits the throat?
Niu Bang Zi
Which herb releases either hot or cold exterior conditions, and can alleviate irritability from exterior heat illness?
Dan Dou Chi
Which spicy warm herb that guides qi to the Tai Yang and Du channels, and so it can be used to treat shoulder and upper body pain?
Qiang Huo
Name a clearing herb that specifically cools blood, and is used for treating epistaxis, hematuria, and hematemesis?
Shan Zhi Zi
Gu Jing Cao is usually used for
Treating blurry vision and to brighten the eyes
Which of the following would be the best herb for treating a patient with high fever, thirst, cough with yellow sputum, vomiting, heat type urination, belching due to Stomach heat, and lung abscess due to Lung heat?
Lu Gen
Name an herb that specifically cools Liver fire
Jue Ming Zi
Which herb is bitter, sweet, and cold? It clears heat and drains fire, nourishes Yin, and moistens dry conditions, drains heat in the lower Jiao, enters the Lung, Stomach, and Kidney meridians.
Zhi Mu
Which of the following is NOT one of Xi Jiao’s functions?
Clears heat from Qi level
The main function of Sheng Di Huang is?
Moistens Yin with generates fluids, clears heat and cools blood
Xuan Shen is contraindicated in
Diarrhea due to middle Jiao cold
Which is common function to both Mu Dan Pi and Chi Shao?
Invigorates the blood and dispels congealed blood.
Zi Cao is most often used for?
Burns, scalding
Which symptoms represent heat in the Qi portion?
High fever, thirst with irritability, heavy sweating, tidal pulse
Which herb is the best for clearing heat and reducing abscess, and can treat esophagus, intestine, and colon cancers?
Bai Hua She She Cao
Which herb is used as an antidote to Fu Zi and Ba Dou (fava beans), and is a good summer food?
Lu Dou