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Parties to an offense
A person is criinally responsible as a party to an ofense if committed by own conduct or conduct of another which he is criminally responsible. A person may be charged w/out alleging he acted as principal or accomplice.
Criminal Attempt
W/ intent to commit an offense, does an act amounting to more than mere preperation, but fails to effect the commission of offense inteded. Offense is one class lower than intended crime if SJ-F then is a Class A Misdemeanor
Criminal Conspiracy
W/ intent to commit a felony, agrees w/ one or more, that they or one engage in coduct that would be an offense AND he or one or more performs an overt act in pursuance of that agreement. On class lower than class of felony, if SJ-F then Class A M
Criminal Solicitation
W/ intent to commit a capital F or F-1 he requests, commands, or attempts to induce another to engage in specific conduct that would be a felony or party to its commision. One class lower F or SJ-F will be a Class A Mis
Unlawful Use of a Criminal Instrument
Possesses w/ intent to use in commission of a crime, or w/ knoeledge of its character and w/ intent to use, aid, permit to use, he makes, adapts, sells, installs, or sets up. SJ-F. If he possesses it, one class lower than intended.
Types of Criminal Homicide
Murder, Capital Murder, Manslaughter, Criminally Negligent homicide
Intentionally, Knowingly, Sudden heat of passion, causes the death or intends to cause SBI causes death, or attempts to commit a felony, during commission, attempt flight causes death. F-1
Capital Murder
Murders police/fire acting in lawful dicharge of duties AND knows is police/fire. BARKS Obstuction/retalliation/ terroristic threat. Solicitation to commit murder, while escaping commits murder.
Recklessly causes death of another. Felony 2
Criminally Negligent Homicide
Causes death by Criminal Negligence Sate Jail Felony.
Unlawful Restraint
Intentionally or Knowingly restrains another. Class A-M SJ-F is person restrained younger than 17 or F-3 if public servant or actor recklessly exposes vic to substantial risk of SBI
Intentionally or Knowingly abducts another. F-3
Aggravated kidnapping
Intentionally or Knowingly abducts another w/ intent to hold for ranson, use as shield or hostage, facilitate the commission of felony or flight therefrom, terrorize him or third person, inflict BI or violate or sexually abuse. F-1
Unlawful Transport
For pecuniary benefit transports an individual in a manner designed to conceal from law enforcement and creates substanial likelyhood will suffer SBI. SJ-F
Public Lewdness
Knowlingly engages in an act in public, or not in public is reckless if another will be offended or alarmed by an act of sexual contact or intercourse. Class A mis
Indecent Exposure
Exposes his anus or genitals w/ intent to arouse or gratify sexual desire of another and is reckless about whether another will be offended or alarmed. Class B Mis
Indecency w/ a Child
W/ a child under 17 yoa, and not a spouse, engages in sexual contact or causes the child to engage in sexual contact. Or w/ intent to gratify or arouse, exposes his genitals to a child or causes the childs genitals to be exposed. F-2 or
Improper Relations between student and educator
Engaging in sexual contact, intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse w/ a student. F-2
I/K/R causes BI, or Intentionally/Knowingly threatens immenant BI or causes physical contact w/the victim that the victim will find offensive or provocative Class A for injury Class C for all others