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Mark's Gospel was probably written around
A.D. 70
The symbol for the evangelist Mark (St. Mark) is
a lion
Mark compares John the Baptist to which prophet
Jesus' miracles included all of these except
Jesus was seen as a threat by the authorities because of his
all of the above
The high priest at the time of Jesus' crucifixion was
Joseph Caiaphas
The word authority comes from
the word author
which title of Jesus means "anointed one"?
Which title definitely proclaims the divinity of Jesus?
The essential teaching about salvation accomplished in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is known as:
This heresy held that Jesus only "seemed" to be human:
The title that translates the Hebrew word for Messiah:
The Term that is "the central teaching that God's Son became man in the person of Jesus Christ." is known the
What year was Jesus born
6-4 B.C.
Mark is identified as
John Mark
Jesus preferred to be known as
The Son of Man
The Suffering Servant was a name given to Jesus by:
The following statement by the Roman Catholic Church: "What happened in his passion cannot be blamed upon all the Jews..."
This statement was issued by...
The Second Vatican Council
The real culprits for Jesus' death are:
all humans are implicated in the death of Jesus
The Gospel of Mark presents a portrait of Jesus as one:
That could be compassionate, forgiving, and loving
all of the above
The Teacher with authority is known as
The word disciple means
The Greek word dynamis translated means
By claiming to forgive sin, Jesus' opponents accused him of
What literary term fits this definition: "A story in which people, things, and events have symbolic meanings that represent something else."
Marks gospel was probably written where?
Syria and Rome
Authority is an interesting word with many meanings
the right to command and someone with offical power, source of reliable information, ability to gain the respect of others, knowledge, skill, or experience worthy of respect.

all of the above!
The probable author of the Gospel of Matthew is
anonymous, he was a Jewish-Christian, and probably knew Hebrew and a little Aramaic.

all of the above
Matthew presents Jesus as "Founder of the Church." The leaders of this Church should be
humble, careful to avoid scandal, forgiving, prayerful and willing to serve even to the point of suffering.

all of the above.
Matthew's Gospel is divided into five major sections. These are called
Apocalyptic writing included strong beliefs like
all of the above
Which is the Hebrew word for "hell"?
Matthew has as one of it sources all of the following except
This title means "God is with us"
The title "Son of David" in Matthew especially emphasizes that Jesus is
The Messiah
The quote, "You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church...I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven..."
all of the above
Matthew's Gospel is known as the first Gospel because it is
listed first in the New Testament, it contains detailed teachings, has details concerning Christian ethics.

all of the above
The theme of this parable is to share your gifts with poor people:
Lazarus and the Rich Man
The theme of this parable is God's inredible love for sinners:
The Prodigal Son
Luke's Gospel was probably written in year
A.D. 85
Luke stresses the vital role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation History in stages:
age of promise
the time of Jesus
Age of the Church

all of the above
The writer of Luke's gospel was a:
The Marian Doctrine is
The Immaculate Conception, the assumption, and Mary ever virgin
Jesus often taught using
parables and short stories
Jesus teaches that God will judge us based on
how we treat the least of these
Jesus gave his disciples some challenges
to preach the gospel in a spirit of poverty, and trusting in the Holy Spirit

all of the above
Jesus was like Old Testament prophets. He did all of the following except:
He spoke tongues.

He did use attention-getting actions, warn of God's judgement on evil doers, and perform miracles.
The parables are important because:
They contain the heart of his message, they show him to be a remarkable teacher, and they reveal how he dealt with his opponents.

all of the above
The gospel of Luke highlights this city as a central symbol of God's salvation activity
According to Acts, the ideal Christian community included all of these except
excommunication of known sinners
Match the following parables w/ statements

Always be ready for Christ's return
Wise Virgins
Match the following parables w/ statements

God's kingdom starts small and in time grows very large
The Mustard Seed
Match the following parables w/ statements

God's kingdom grows mysteriously
Match the following parables w/ statements

Sacrifice all for God's kingdom
Pearl of Great Price
Match the following parables w/ statements

Despite being opposed, God's kingdom will grow immensely.
The Sower
Match the following with the statements

Simeon and Anna recognize the Messiah
presentation in the Temple
Match the following with the statements

Serves as a model for our Baptism
Baptism of Jesus
Match the following with the statements

Jesus' full glory is manifested during his earthly ministry
Match the following with the statements

Signified Jesus' incorporation into Abraham's descendents
circumcision of Jesus
Match the following with the statements

Jesus learns obedience from his parents
hidden life of Jesus
Tax collector who converted to Christ
Companion of Paul on missionary journeys
The first Christian martyr
Apostle to the Gentiles
Replaced Judas Iscariot as an Apostle
A mediator between God and man
a name for the Holy Spirit