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ΤΒΣ stands for?
for the sorority
ΓΧ stands for?
for the chapter
chapter founding date?
October 6, 1968
installed by?
Cornell University
local meeting time?
every Thursday at 9:15
abscence policy
A written excuse is to be posted on the board or given to the Recording Secretary at least 24 hours before a meeting or ritual. If not, a fine will be given.
Megan Setzer
V.P. of Membership
Nicole Graves
V.P. of Re-education
Nanci Staley
V.P. of Service
Tim Walck
Recording Secretary
Amanda Shumway
Corresponding Secretary
Andy Rothrock
Alumni Secretary
Shauna Chisholm
Stefanie Trudgen-Penvose
Elaine Cramer
Justin Hoven
fine for missing a meeting?
fine for missing a ritual?
active sister fee?
MC fee?
chapter charter?
Executive committee (officers) chair?
Megan Setzer
Public Relations committee chair?
Amanda Shumway
Historical and Camera committee chair?
Elaine Cramer
Service committee chair?
Tim Walck
Activities committee chair?
Dustin Giffin
Ritual and Equipment committee chair?
Shelley Peters
Membership committee chair?
Nicole Graves
Fundraising committee chair?
Stef Trudgen-Penvose
Joint committee chair?
Maria Orr and Ed Wooten
Alumni committee chair?
Shauna Chisholm
Name all of the standing committees.
Executive, Public Relations, Historical and Camera, Service, Activities, Ritual and Equipment, Membership, Fundraising, Joint, Alumni
Special committee?
Soupy Sales
President is what of all committees?
local mascot?
uni means?
prefix of unity, unify and unification
corn means?
from Italian, meaning "horns"
unicorn means?
unification of horns