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What is taxonomy?
An ordered division of organisms into categories based on a set of characteristics used to assess similarites and differences
What did Linnaeus create?
Binomial Nomenclature system
What is the Hierarchial Classification?
Humans' Classification (DKPCOFGS):
Eukarya Animalia Chordata (Vertebrata) Mammmalia Primata Homindae Homo Sapiens
What are phylogenetic trees?
Branching diagram that represents a hypothesis abot evolutionary relationships
What is a cladogram?
Diagram depicting patterns of shared characteristics among species
-Does not imply evolutionary history
What is a clade?
What is cladistics?
Within a cladogram, is a group of species that includes an ancestral species and all its descendants
- Cladistics is how species are grouped into clades
Includes 1 ancestor and its decendants (definition of a clade)
An ancestral species and some but not all of its decendents
- Fails to be a clade
A group of species that lack an ancestral species
- Fails to be a clade
2 types of shared characters
1) Primitive
2) Derived
A shared primitive character:
A character shared beyond the taxon specified
E.g. Hair in Mammals not shared by other vertebrates
3 groups of taxons
1) Monophyletic
2) Paraphyletic
3) Polyphyletic
A shared derived character:
An evolutionary novelty unique to a particular clade
A species or group of species that is closely related to the ingroup
The various species we are studying