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What is Berlioz's thematic innovation?
idee fixe
What is Wagner's thematic innovation?
leit motives
Who are the members of the Russian Five?
Modest Mussorgsky, Nicoli Rimsky Korsakov, Alexander Borodin, Cesar Cui, Mily Balakirev
Define Polonaise
Polish dance popularized by Chopin. Processional in character in slow triple meter accents on count 1
Define Mazurka
Polish dance popularized by Chopin. Liveyly triple meter accent on count 2 or three
Often associated with bagpipe
List the operas in Wagner's Ring cycle.
Das Rhinegold, Die Walkurie,
Siegfried, Gotterdamerung
Two innovations in instrumental construction impacting composition and performance
Invention of spring steel and valves
Liszt wrote music patterned after the nationalist style of_______________
The opera associated with Italian national independence is
Nabucco....Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves
Paganni was said to have sold his soul to the devil because of his skill in his use of the ? instrument>