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What are the characteristics of the Comedy?
slapstick humor
Orgon as the protagonist
Both versions are accurate to work of art!
What message do we get at the end of the play?
Conservative note - order prevailed through the authority of the king.
Church felt mocked
Validation (avoid identification with human mistakes) because of the reestablishment of hierarchy
What consists a political parabol?
Break the archetype of the traditional trickster, because he doesn't escape.
The leader focused on God, family, future (king, Orgon, Valiere)
How can the ideas of Foucault be applied to the play?
Everybody has a place, and chaos (trickster) is to be "Discipline and Punish" (Foucault)
What is the social structure in Tartuffe?
The king involves all society, at the top organizing it.
What influence does the Enlightment have on the play?
The force over the trickster is rationality. Orgon realized that he was immoderate, blind faithed, used jargons and use Christ's saying principles to his own self-interests (critique to church)
What effect does the end Deus ex machina have?
Stop the feeling of gullibility on public, re-state order in society
What is the similarity of the ending in Tartuffe and Lysistrata?
In both cases, the re-establishment of order created a happy ending.
How does the tune of the performance affect the understanding of the play?
Tragedy - tartuffe as the protagonist, type of a hero, Elmire holds certain sexual attraction to Tartuffe, the rhyme sing song aspect of the text was broken, play solemn (dark stage), seductive aspect
What is the origin of the archetype of a trickster?
beginner of integration into society
What is the function of the trickster?
mostly surrounded by laughter, but teaches consequences for not abiding order
What example do we have in the Bible?
The snake and Eve
What roles does a trickster play?
the role of creator and destroyer, he cannot control his actions, causing both good and evil
Characteristics of a trickster
no values or morals, deviant behavior,
impulsive, blind (short-sighted),
self-centered, repetition (no learning)
unintegrated (no responsibility over
actions), scatologic humor (baixo)
What archetypes do we find in Lucy's story?
Passion (Peter) Duty (David) Will
(wisdom) Morals (michael)