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What does "tao" mean?
*Is indefinable
*Roughly translates to: "path" or "the way"
What is Taoism about?
*Regulates natural processes and nurishes balance in the universe (embrace opposites)
*Refers to a power which surrounds and flows through all things (both living and non living)
Who was Lao Tzu?
"The Wise Old Man"

*Creator of Taoism
*Philosopher of ancient China
*is honorific
*author of Tao Te Ching
What is Yin-Yang? What does it symbolize?
1) Yang = masculine, white, light, day, active, political, agressive
2) Yin = feminine, night, dark, passive, yielding, gentle

*Embracing the opposites
*Swirl represents change (the only constant in the universe)
*Shows there is a little good and bad to everything
What is "wu wei"?
"Effortless Action" or "Action without action"

*involves knowing when to act and when not to act
*Do what comes naturally (ex: breathe, grow...)
What is "Pu"?
"Uncut wood" or "uncut block" or "simplicity"

*metaphor for the state of wu wei
*passive state of receptiveness
*everything is seen how it is- no perceptions or illusions
*pure experience and awareness
What is Confucianism about?
*Revolves around "ren" or compassion and loving others
*Relationships are the most imortant part of Confucianism
What was Confucius?
Surname = "Kong" (means "thankfulness when prayers were answered)

*raised by his mother (father died)
*grew up in poverty and took on petty jobs
*wanted to become a politician (could not because he was too honest)
*is considered a traditionalist, reformer and revolutionary
What is li?
Rituals that express respect for superiors
What is ren?
1) Compassion and loving others
2) Follows the Golden Rule
What is filial piety?
1) Ruler to subject
2) Father to son
3) Husband to wife
4) Elder brother to young brother
5) Friend to friend
What is junzi?
The Gentlemen

1) Are moral
2) Follow filial piety
What are the doctrines of Confucianism based on?
Harmony and Unity between:
1) Humanity and Heaven
2) Descendents and Ancestors
3) Secular and the Sacred
How is confucianism a kind of humanism?
Concentrates on solving secluar problems and insists on human perfectability

(Is not humanism because: (1) does not end with material satisfaction of needs, (2) does not reject pursuing spiritual absolute)
How do Confucianism and Taoism differ?
1) Confucianism revolves around relationships whereas Taoism revolves around balance of the universe