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-A nobleman, the son of Aphrodite and Anchises, and a mighty warrior.

-Important leader/captian in Trojan War, fled city during sack.

-Founded Rome.

-Father of Aeneas, who carried him out of Troy during sack.

-Intervened to save the Greeks when the Trojans refused to return Helen and contemplated killing the ambassadors when the Spartans first sent a delegation to Troy to bring back Helen and stolen treasures.
-Wife of Hector, daughter of Eetion, mother of Scamandrius/Anstyanax

-Begged Hector not to fight

-Taken captive during sack

-Later taken as Neoptolemus' wife, after which Menelaus tried to kill her and others

-Later married Helenus and founded New Troy
-Hector's and Andromache's infant son

-Thrown off the walls of Troy by Odysseus during sack
-Achilles' slave girl

-Confiscated by Agamemnon following their quarrel at beginning of Iliad as replacement for Chryseis
-Prophetic daughter of Priam

-Foretold that Priam's son Paris should be killed at birth or else he would destroy the city

-Taken captive during sack and raped in the temple of Athena by the Lesser Ajax

-Becomes driven mad and is killed by Clytemnestra
-Father of Chryseis

-A prophet of Apollo

-Offers Agamemnon compensation for his daughter and prays to Apollo when refused

-Eventually has daughter returned to him
-A giant invulnerable to any forged weapon

-Killed by Achilles with a boulder during beginning of war
-Son of Zeus and Electra

-Laomedon was his descendent
-Son of Priam and Hecuba

-Leader of Trojan army, prince of Troy

-Fought indecisive duel with Telamonian Ajax (who would have won)

-Set Greek ships on fire

-Killed by Achilles outside walls of Troy once he returns to battle

-Priam allowed to take back his body for a ransom
-Wife of Priam, mother of Hector and Paris (dreamed she had given birth to a flaming torch when she had Paris)

-Hector asks her to pray to Athena as he goes back into battle

-Taken prisoner during sack
-Son of Priam

-A prophet

-Captured by the Greeks during the war, told them prophecy that they could not capture Troy without the help of Philoctetes and that Troy could not be taken until the Greeks had removed the Palladium, a sacred statue of Athena, from

-After war and some time, married Andromache and founded New Troy
-Daughter of Laomedon

-Laomedon was told he had to sacrifice her since he had refused to pay the gods for their help in constructing wall around Troy, so he chained her to a rock

-Freed from rock by Heracles, who had been promised reward by Laomedon

-Laomedon and his sons were killed by Heracles, etc., except for Podarces (swift-foot) in exchange for a beautiful veil which she herself had embroidered with gold

-Heracles gave her to Telamon, who took her to Salamis in Greece
-Warned Trojans not to believe Sinon and accept gift of Trojan Horse

-As he made this prophecy, a sea monster came from the surf and
killed him and his sons

-His ill-omened death persuaded the Trojans to bring the Trojan Horse into their city
-Descendent of Zeus and Dardanus, grandson of Tros, father of Podarces/Priam

-King of Troy during time when wall was first built around it

-Refused to pay Apollo and Poseidon for their help with wall, so they sent down plague until he oracle told him to sacrifice his daughter Hesione to the sea monster (saved by Heracles, who he also lied to and refused to repay)

-Heracles, Peleus, and Telamon sacked Troy and killed him and all of his sons except Podarces
-Son of Priam and Hecuba (who dreamed she had given birth to a flaming torch after having him)

-His sister Cassandra foretold that he should be killed at birth or else he would destroy the city. He was taken out to be killed, but he was rescued by shepherds and grew up in the fields by Mount Ida

-He returned to the royal family after following Hector back to Troy to reclaim one of his heifers and then participating in the athletic games and being recognized

-Chosen (while still a herdsman) to adjudicate in a beauty contest between Hera (offered dominion over Asia), Athena (offered military glory and wisdom), and Aphrodite (offered him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. In the famous “Judgment of ___”, he gave the apple to Aphrodite.

-Traveled to Sparta as Trojan ambassador and stayed in Menelaus' house, fell in love with his wife, Helen, and took her and lots of treasure with him- eventually sparked Trojan War

-Fought a duel with Menelaus and was saved by Aphrodite

-Killed Achilles with Apollo's help after he was lured to Apollo's temple

-Killed in battle by Philoctetes once he returned
-Daughter of Priam

-Promised in marriage to Achilles in order to lure him to Apollo's temple to be killed by Paris

-Sacrificed at Achilles' tomb by Greeks following sack of Troy
-Son of Laomedon, husband of Hecuba, father of Paris, Cassandra, Hector, Helenus, Polyxena, and Troilus; elderly King of Troy during the Iliad

-Formerly known as Podarces, he was the one of his fathers' children to be spared, in exchange for a veil embroidered by his sister Hesione (his name means "bought" or "ransomed")

-Following Hector's death, begged for his body from Achilles and received it in return for a ransom

-Slaughtered at his household altar by Achilles’ son Neoptolemus during sack
-Son of Zeus and Laodameia, king of Lycia/Lykia

-One of the leaders of the Trojan allies

-Killed by Patroclus shortly after returning to battle
-Beautiful son of Priam

-Killed by Achilles during seventh year of siege of Troy
-Son of Thetis (who bathed him in the River Styx) and Peleus

-A demigod

-His parents disguised him as girl while army assembled (after Calchas told prophecy that they couldn't conquer Troy without him), until Odysseus came and identified him

-Fathered Neoptolemus/Pyrrhus with Deidameia

-When Greek expedition set out to siege Troy, Calchas told
Agamemnon and the other leaders that they could not
conquer Troy without ___

-Quarreled with Agamemnon during 10th year of war- called meeting to determine what to do when Apollo plagued Greek army, then blamed Agamemnon when discovered it was his fault; Agamemnon then confiscated his slave girl Briseis, while he withdrew himself and his forces from battle

-Prayed to mother Thetis to ask Zeus for help

-Greeks finally came and asked him to come back, but he refused until Hector reached the ships; he let his friend Patroclus return in his armor, then returned himself once Patroclus was killed

-Killed Hector

-Killed Queen Penthesilea, leader of Amazons, after they joined Trojans

-Under the guise of a proposed marriage with Priam’s daughter Polyxena, he was lured to the temple of Apollo. There, Paris, with the help of Apollo, killed him with an arrow, which pierced him in the heel

-His armor was decided to be given to Odysseus
-Son of Zeus, father of Peleus, grandfather of Achilles; a mortal

-Invited to help build wall around Troy since destiny had decreed that Troy would one day be captured in a place built by human hands
-Son of Thyestes

-Clymenestra's lover; helped her murder Agamemnon upon his return to Argos

-Did above since sought to avenge his father, who was forced by his brother, Atreus, the father of Agamemnon, to feast upon the cooked flesh of his own children

-Killed by Orestes with Electra's help
-King of Argos, brother of Menelaus, father of Orestes, son of Atreus

-Married Clymenestra

-Most powerful leader in Greece, commander-in-chief of Greek army to Troy

-Offended Artemis while assembling ships at Aulis, so had to sacrifice daughter Iphigenia- lured her with promise of marrying Achilles

-Insulted Apollo during 10th year of war by capturing Chyseis and refusing to return her; quarreled with Achilles and took Briseis in return

-Returned to Argos after war and was killed by wife Clymenestra and her lover, Aegisthus
Ajax the Greater (Telamonian Ajax)
-Son of Telamon

-Greatest Greek warrior after Achilles

-Fought duel with Hector during 10th year with no decisive result (though he would have won without intervention)

-Fought valiantly for Achilles' corpse

-Wanted Achilles' armor after he died and planned to kill Greek leaders once found that it was going to Odysseus; Athena had him slaughter the flocks of the Greeks instead, and then he, humiliated, committed suicide
Ajax the Lesser
-Raped Cassandra in temple of Athena following sack

-Impaled either by the trident of Poseidon or the thunderbolt of Zeus (hurled by Athena) for his impiety in above
-Son of Nestor, friend of Achilles

-Killed by Memnon following Hector's death, after which Achilles killed Memnon in revenge
-Son of Thestor

-Prophet with the Greek army

-Told Agamemnon and the other leaders while assembling at Aulis that they could not conquer Troy without Achilles

-Was consulted during famine at Aulis and revealed that
Agamemnon could only appease Artemis by sacrificing his daughter Iphigenia

-Explained Apollo's anger to the Greeks in 10th year
-Twin sister of Helen, daughter of Leda and Tyndareus (not of Zeus)

-Married Agamemnon

-Watched in horror as Agamemnon sacrificed their daughter Iphigenia

-She and her lover, Aegisthus, killed Agamemnon upon his return to Argos, as well as Cassandra, claiming that she was seeking revenge for the sacrifice of her daughter Iphigenia

-Killed by her children Orestes and Electra, who wanted to avenge their father
-Met Achilles while his parents hid him in Scyros disguised as a girl

-Had son Neoptolemos/Pyrrhus with Achilles
-Son of Tydeus, king of Argos

-He and Odysseus slaughtered thirteen Thracians (Trojan allies) and stole the horses of King Rhesus in a night raid following Ajax' and Hector's duel

-He and Odysseus ventured into Troy at night, in disguise, and stole the Palladium

-After sack, returned to find his wife unfaithful and his kingdom taken away and wandered in exile before settling in Italy
-Built the Trojan Horse
-Daughter of Zeus and Leda, twin sister of Clytemnestra, mother of Hermione

-Most beautiful woman on earth; Leda’s mortal husband, Tyndareus would not agree to give her in marriage until each of her suitors promised that they would collectively avenge any insult to her. After the suitors swore this oath, she chose to marry Menelaus

-Fell in love (?) with Paris and left Sparta with him, eventually ending up in Troy

-When Trojans refused to return her, Menelaus appealed to the oath that Tyndareus had forced her suitors to take, and the Greeks assembled at Aulis and began to prepare to depart for Troy

-She was returned to Menelaus following sack

-When Orestes was sentenced to death, he escaped by capturing her and using her as a hostage
-Son of Zeus

-Most powerful mortal

-Saved Hesione when sacrificed by Laomedon but didn't receive payment

-He, Peleus, and Telamon sacked Troy (first sack of Troy) and killed Laomedon and all but one of his sons, then gave Hesione to Telamon
-Only daughter of Helen and Menelaus

-Married Neoptolemus after war

-Orestes also wanted to marry her and so arranged for Neoptolemus to be killed, then married her
-Daughter of Agamemnon and Clymenestra, sister of Orestes

-Lured to Aulis by promise of marrying Achilles, but then sacrificed by her father to Artemis (after Calchas prophesized that it was the only way to appease Artemis)

-One version of the story claims that Artemis saved her at the last minute and carried her off to Tauris where she became a priestess of Artemis in charge of human sacrifices. After the war, she later saved her brother Orestes and his friend Pylades- they escaped to Athens
-King of Sparta, Agamemnon's brother, Helen's husband

-Helen was stolen from him by Paris when he left his house under Paris' protection as he went to a funeral

-Went in initial delegation to Troy

-Appealed to oath of Helen's suitors to get army together

-He and Paris fought a duel in 10th year (beginning of the Iliad), and Aphrodite saved Paris just as he was about to kill him

-Helen was returned to him following sack

-His ship was blown to Egypt (where, in some versions, he recovered his real wife in the court of King Proteus)

-Tried to kill both the son of Neoptolemus, Molossus, and Andromache, but Peleus, Achilles’ father, rescued them
-Son of Achilles and Deidameia

-Went with Odysseus to persuade Philoctetes to return to battle using trickery

-Killed King Priam in sack of Troy

-Married Hermione and Andromache

-Orestes wanted to marry Hermione as well and so deceitfully arranged for the people of Delphi to kill him
-Mother of Helen (with Zeus) and Clytemnestra, wife of mortal Tyndareus
-Elderly king of Pylos, father of Antilochus, son of Neleus

-Clear speaker among Greek army

-Pleaded with Achilles and Agamemnon to resolve their quarrel
-King of Ithaca, father of Telemachus and Telegonus, husband of Penelope

-Part of first delegation to Troy to collect Helen

-Tried to feign madness to get out of going with army to Troy- yoked a mule to an ox and began sowing his fields with salt. Palamedes, who recognized the ruse, put his small son Telemachus in front of the plow. When he swerved to avoid his son, he revealed his sanity and was forced to join the expedition. He, however, nursed a deep grudge against Palamedes

-Identified Achilles dressed as girl in Scyros and got him to come along to Troy

-During stalemate of first 10 years of war, he accused Palamedes of collaboration with the Trojans when he suggested they go home and he prepared a false report that implicated Palamedes as a traitor. When a stash of gold, which he had planted, was discovered in Palamedes’ tent, Palamedes was condemned and stoned to death

-Beat Thersites into obedience when he railed against Greek leaders in 10th year and said they should head home

-He and Diomedes slaughtered thirteen Thracians (Trojan allies) and stole the horses of King Rhesus in a night raid

-He and Telamonian Ajax both claimed the divine armor of the dead hero; he was granted the armor when Trojans chose him as most fearful Greek

-He and Neoptolemus persuaded Philoctetes to return

-He and Diomedes ventured into Troy at night, in disguise, and stole the Palladium

-After war, wandered over the sea for many years before reaching home. Because of the enmity of Poseidon, the god of the sea, he lost all his men before returning to Ithaca alone

-Killed the young princes who had been courting his wife, Penelope, wasting the treasure of his palace, and plotting to kill Telemachus. After proving his identity to Penelope and reconciling himself to the people of Ithaca, he followed the oracle he received in the underworld from Teiresias and made his peace with Poseidon. Upon his return to Ithaca, in a case of mistaken identity Telegonus, his son born to Circe, who had come in search of his father, killed him
-Son of Clymenestra and Agamemnon, friend of Pylades

-In one version of the story of Telephus, Telephus is said to have seized him and threatened to kill him unless Achilles agreed to help

-Killed Clymenestra and her lover, with help from sister Electra, to avenge father's death

-Suffering fits of madness and pursued by the Furies, he fled to Delphi, then to Tauri, where, in some versions, he met his long-lost sister, Iphigenia; they escaped to Athens, where he was put on trial for the matricide, with the Furies against him and Apollo and Athena on his side

-Later tried for same matricide in Argos, at the insistence of Tyndareus, Clytemnestra’s father. He and Electra were both sentenced to death by stoning. He escaped by capturing Helen and using her as a hostage

-Arranged for people of Delphi to kill Neoptolemus so he could marry Hermione
-Recognized the ruse by Odysseus to get out of going to Troy, so put Odysseus’ small son Telemachus in front of the plow- Odysseus always had grudge against him

-As a result of the stalemate during first 10 years of war, he advised the Greeks to return to home, Odysseus, who never forgave him for outwitting him, accused him of collaboration with the Trojans and prepared a false report that implicated him as a traitor. When a stash of gold, which Odysseus had planted, was discovered in his tent, he was condemned and stoned to death
-Son of Menoitios (sent by him to accompany Achilles to Troy), good friend and advisor of Achilles

-When Greeks sent expedition to Achilles to ask him to return to battle, he begged to go in his place once Hector reached the ships and wore Achilles' armor

-He killed Sarpedon and others before he was killed by Euphorbus and Hector, with the help of Apollo

-Achilles returned to battle in grief over his death and later built a huge funeral pyre for him, killed Trojan soldiers as sacrifices, and organized the funeral games in honor of his dead comrade
-Son of Aeacus, father of Achilles, brother of Telamon

-With Odysseus and Telamon, sacked Troy for first time and killed Laomedon and his sons

-Fell in love with the sea nymph Thetis, who had also roused the interest of Zeus. But Zeus learned of an ancient prophecy that Thetis would give birth to a son greater than his father, so he gave his divine blessing to the marriage of ___ and Thetis. Eris wasn't invited, but came with golden apple

-After war, Menelaus tried to kill both the son of Neoptolemus, Molossus, and Andromache, but he rescued them
-Wife of Odysseus

-When Odysseus returned from war, he killed the young
princes who had been courting her and proved his identity to her

-After Odysseus' death, married Telegonus
-Son of Poeas and leader of the seven ships from Methone

-Was left at Lemnos when he was poisoned by snake bite during voyage to Troy; angry at Greeks for this

-During 10th year, it was phrophecized by Helenus that Troy could not be sacked without the help of him and his bow and arrow, which belonged to Heracles; Odysseus and Neoptolemus persuaded him to return by trickery

-Killed Paris

-When returned home after war, was expelled by nobles who had ruled in his absence, settled in Southern Italy and founded a new city
-First man ashore when landed at Troy; was killed by Hector
-Stayed behind when Trojan Horse when the army withdrew from in front of Troy and pretended that he had deserted from the Greek army. He told the Trojans that the horse was an offering to Athena and that the Greeks had built it to be so large that the Trojans could not bring it into their city because it was prophesied that if the Trojans brought the Horse within their walls, their city would never be conquered. As the Trojan Laocöon warned the Trojans not to believe him (“I fear the Greeks even when they bear gifts”), a sea monster came from the surf and killed Laocöon and his sons
-Son of Odysseus

-Placed by Palamedes in front of Odysseus' plow to prove Oddyseus was feigning madness

-Helped his father to kill the young princes who had been courting his wife, Penelope, wasting the treasure of his palace, and plotting to kill ___

-Married Circe (mother of Telegonus by Odysseus)
-Brother of Peleus, father of Ajax the Greater and Teucer

-With Odysseus and Peleus, sacked Troy for first time and killed Laomedon and his sons

-Heracles then gave Hesione to ___, who carried her away to Salamis in Greece
-King of the Mysians (Mysia is where the Greeks mistakenly first landed when looking for Troy)

-Wounded by Achilles

-When the wound would not heal, he consulted an oracle, which responded: "he that wounded shall heal." He went to Aulis, where the Greeks had regrouped for a second expedition against Troy. Disguised as a beggar, he asked Achilles to heal his wound. Achilles refused to heal the wound saying that he had no medical expertise. In another version of the story, ___ is said to have seized Orestes whom he threatened to kill unless Achilles agreed to help. But Odysseus pointed out that, as it was the spear that had inflicted the wound, the oracle meant that the spear must be the instrument of his healing. Scrapings from the spear were applied to ___’s wound, and it was healed. In recompense he was to lead the Greeks to Troy, but by this time Agamemnon had offended Artemis, and the Greeks were confined to Aulis
-A common soldier, ugliest man who had come to Troy and hated by his superiors

-During 10th year, challenged the authority of Agamemnon and demanded that the soldiers abandon the expedition. Odysseus beat him into obedience

-Insulted Penthesilea’s memory after Achilles killed her, so Achilles beat him
to death
-Mortal husband of Thetis, father of Clymenestra (but not biological father of Helen)

-Fearing that Helen’s beauty would be the cause of calamity for his family, he would not agree to give her in marriage until each of her suitors promised that they would collectively avenge any insult to her

-After war, Orestes was tried for matricide in Argos, at his insistence. Orestes and Electra were both sentenced to death by stoning
-Daughter of Zeus and Dione, mother of Aeneas; goddess of sexual desire; protectress of Helen

-Along with Hera and Athena, made claim to Eris' golden apple at Thetis' and Peleus' wedding; offered Paris the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife. In the famous “Judgment of Paris”, Paris gave the apple to her

-Saved Paris just as Menelaus was about to kill him in duel
-Son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis; god of culture, poetry, music, healing, archery. [the Far-Darter]

-Was recruited by Laomedon to help build wall around Troy while he was banished from Mt. Olympus for disobedience

-Didn't get payed by Laomedon, so sent plague to Troy, only to be lifted once Hesione was sacrificed to Poseidon's sea-monster

-Sent plague on Greek army when offended by Agamemnon, who stole daughter of his prophet Chryses and refused to return her

-Helped spur on Trojans into battle

-Helped kill Patroclus

-Helped Paris kill Achilles in his temple

-Testified in Orestes' defense
-Daughter of Zeus and twin sister of Apollo; goddess of the hunt

-Offended by Agamemnon when he hunted magnificent white deer in Aulis sacred to her; she trapped Greek army in Aulis with adverse winds until Calchas revealed they had to sacrifice Iphigenia (she may have saved her at the last minute and carried her off to Tauris)
-Daughter of Zeus; goddess of wisdom, culture, craftsmanship (especially domestic crafts); a martial goddess as well. [Pallas]

-She, along with Hera and Aphrodite, laid claim to Eris' golden apple "for the fairest" and offered Paris military glory and wisdom but was turned down

-Helped drive Greeks into battle in 10th year

-Made Ajax mad when he plotted to kill the Greek leaders, having him slaughter the flocks instead

-Helenus revealed that Troy could not be taken until the Greeks had removed the Palladium, a sacred statue of ___, from Troy

-Sinon told Trojans that the Trojan Horse was an offering to her

-Angry at Lesser Ajax for raping Cassandra in her temple; helped to kill him

-Presided over Orestes' first matricide trial and ruled in his favor
-A centaur (half man and half horse)

-Educated Achilles as a young man
-Goddess of strife

-Intentionally not invited to Thetis' and Peleus' wedding but came anyway, bearing golden apple upon which was written "For the fairest" (kallisté); tossed the apple among the partygoers, after which Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all lay claim to it and turned to Zeus to resolve dispute- he passed it on to Paris
-Son of Hera; Crippled god of the forge/blacksmiths

-Asked by Thetis to design divine armor for Achilles when he returns to war after his old armor is taken by Hector off of Patroclus' body
-Sister and consort/wife of Zeus; goddess of marriage; particularly associated with Argos and Mycenae

-Along with Athena and Aphrodite, lay claim to Eris' golden apple and offered Paris dominion over Asia but was turned down

-Known for disobeying Zeus; often helped Greeks against his orders
-King of Egypt, with divine incarnation

-In some versions, Paris and Helen stop in Egypt on the way to Troy and Helen stays there throughout war. On his way home after war, Menelaus recovers his real wife (the real Helen), safe and sound, in ___'s court when his ship is blown to Egypt while returning to Greece
-Brother of Zeus; god of sea, horsemanship, earthquakes

-Recruited by Laomedon to help build wall around Troy while banished from Mount Olympus because of his disobedience

-When didn't get paid, loosed a sea-monster against Troy only to leave once Hesione was sacrificed to it

-Because of his enmity, Odysseus lost all his men before returning to Ithaca alone; Odysseus later followed oracle and made peace with him
-Mother of Achilles, wife of Peleus

-Sea nymph

-Roused interest of Zeus, but he learned of an ancient prophecy that she would give birth to a son greater than his father, so he gave his divine blessing to her marriage with Peleus; all gods invited except Eris

-Bathed Achilles as infant in the waters of the river Styx, which conferred invulnerability to any weapon

-Achilles asked her for help when he left Greek army- she supplicated Zeus and got him to help Trojans

-Asked Hephaestus to create new divine armor for Achilles when he returned to battle
-Ruler of the gods; god of sky, weather, the thunderbolt

-His interest was roused by Thetis, but he gave his divine blessing Peleus' marriage to her because of ancient prophecy that Thetis would give birth to a son greater than his father

-Didn't want to judge in beauty contest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, so handed decision to Paris

-Agreed to Thetis' plea to help Achilles by driving Trojans into battle