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What year is it at the beginning of Book 3?
Where does Chapter 1 take place?
It follows Darnay on his way to Paris from England
What happens to Darnay on his way to Paris?
He is accused of being an emigrant and taken into a trial, then later to La Force, a jail.
What is Charles' real last name?
What is going on outside Mr. Lorry's window at his office? What effect does this have on Dr. Manette?
The revolutionaries are sharpening their weapons on the grindstone. Dr. Manette goes outside and enlists the revolutionaries to help him find Charles.
Who is the "shadow"?
Madame Defarge
What is the motto of the New Republic?
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death
What is the main symbol of the Revolution?
La Guillotine
Where does Lucie go every day while she is in Paris?
She goes to La Force to look in the windows and see if she can see Charles.
Who is the wood-sawyer?
The mender of roads
How is Dr. Manette able to free Charles?
He uses his new status in court to testify for Charles.
Who denounces Charles in order to get him arrested again?
The Defardes
What prison is Charles taken to the second time?
The Concierge
What is Basard's real identity?
He is Solomon, Miss Pross' brother.
Explain the "card game"
It is a metaphor for the information that Carton has against Basard. He is blackmailing him. He presents his evidence as he would present his cards in a game of poker.
What does Charles think about as he wanders around Paris?
The verse read at his father's funeral that talks about how Jesus is the resurrection and the life.
Who turns out to be the third accuser of Darnay?
Dr. Manette
What piece of evidence have the Defarges found that gave them reason to rearrest Darnay?
A letter written by Dr. Manette while he was in jail
What does the letter say?
In 1757, Darnay's father and uncle (the Marquis and his twin brother) to care for a sick peasant woman and her dying brother. The Marquis' brother had raped the woman, hilled her husband, and stabbed her brother. Manette was not able to save the womans' life. Darnay's mother, who was the Marquis' wife, came to Manette and offered to help the dead woman's sister. The next day, Manette was imprisoned.
What result does the discovery of the letter have upon Darnay?
He is sentenced to death for what his family had done in the letter.
What is the general attitude toward saving Darnay?
Why is the letter such a personal issue for Madame Defarge?
The family that was killed by the Evremondes was her family.
What happens to the Doctor when he returns?
He has a relapse and wants to make shoes again.
What does Carton make Mr. Lorry promise?
That he will not deviate from his plan, which was to take Lucie and Dr. Manette back to England so that Madame Defarge can't kill them.
How does Carton get into the jail?
Basard is a turnkey, and Carton makes him let him in.
What does Carton do? Who notices?
He drugs Darnay and switches places with him. Then he has Basard carry Darnay's body out. Only the seamstriss notices.
Where is Madame Defarge going?
To the Manette's house to kill Lucie and Dr. Manette
What do the women do at the guillotine?
What happens to Madame Defarge when she comes to the Manette's house? What is the result on Miss Pross?
She accidentally shoots herself while struggling with Miss Pross. Madame Defarge dies, and Miss Pross is now deaf.
What will Darnay and Lucie do in honor of Carton?
Name their child Sydney. He will be a lawyer, then a judge.