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What is the difference between cover and concealment?
Ccover is protection from small arms fire; concealment is protection from enemy observation.
What is the normal formation for a tactical road march?
Column of twos, with one file on each side of the road.
What does BMNT and EENT mean?
BMNT- Beginning of morning Nautical Twlight
EENT- End of Evening Nautical Twlight.
What field manual covers Camouflage?
FM 5-20.
What is the difference between fire and movement, and fire and maneuver?
Fire and movement- pertains to individual rushes and firing under movement.
Fire and maneuver- pertains to one element laying down a base of fire while another element maneuvers to attack.
What is the main mission of the rifle squad?
To close with the enemy by means of fire and movement, fire and maneuver or assault in order to destroy or capture him, or to repel his assault by fire and close combat.
What is the purpose of a recon patrol?
To provide the commander with timely, accurate informatrion of the enemy and the terrain.
What is a patrol, and what types are there?
A detachment set out from a unit to perfrom an assighed mission.
Name four elements of a combat patrol?
Assault, Security, Support and Headquarters.
What is evasion?
The action taken when isolated in an enemy area to stay out of the hands of the enemy and to get back to your own unit.
What is escape?
The action taken to get away from the enemy if captured.
What is meant by observation post?
The fixed location from which observation is made of a particular piece of terrain.
Wat is the greatest need during escape and evasion?
What are the names of the three positions prepared in the defense?
Primary, alternate and supplementary.