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Develop, acquire, field, and sustain Soldier and ground systems for the Warfighter through the integration of effective and timely Acquisition, Logistics, and cutting-edge Technology.
Providing our Warfighters with overwhelming lethality, survivability, mobility, and sustainment for battlefield dominance, now and in the future.
Goal 1 – Products
Support and sustain warfighters to ensure combat effectiveness, expanded capability, and readiness, today and tomorrow.
Goal 2 – People
Continue to build and support a workforce with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet the needs of the TACOM LCMC.
Goal 3 – Processes
Work as a truly integrated TACOM LCMC to develop and institutionalize interdependent Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology processes, providing quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and continued improvement.
Goal 4 – Culture
Foster a climate within the TACOM LCMC in which we mutually arrive at courses of action that are in the best interest of the warfighter. Promote a spirit of collaboration, teaming, and customer service throughout the TACOM LCMC.
ILSC Vision
One Team - Committed to Soldiers!
ILSC Mission
Provide Weapon Systems Management and Life Cycle Logistics Support to the Soldier and Ground Systems Enterprise
ILSC Three-Way Commitment
1) A commitment to customers to continue to proactively provide them with quality products and services.
2) A commitment to the ILSC associates to provide them with the skills, resources, and knowledge to achieve the ILSC vision.
3) A commitment to leadership by leadership to exceed the needs of our customers and associates through developing and sustaining superior leaders.