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To have a special talent for something. Used with an adverb (musically, artistically, scientifically, literarily, etc.)
I've tried learning to play the guitar two or three times, but I just can't do it. I'm not ____.
Done during the whole day, usually 8-9 hours.
I began by working 4 hours a day at the University, but now I have a ____ job as a professor.
Having similar ideas or interests
The club offers an opportunity for ____ people to get together.
Boring, dull
The film is so ____ that I almost dropped off to sleep.
Shocked, surprised
When she showed me the beautiful pictures she had taken in Ibiza, I was ____.
Done during a period of the day, usually morning or afternoon.
She's working ____ until she finishes college.
Working alone or owning a business.
Being ____ is a lot of hard work, but it's better than having a boss.
Very happy or enthusiastic about something (used with "by")
She was ____ by the news that she'd travel to Spain.
Not having a job
I'm so glad Diana has finally got a new job. She'd been ____ for almost a year.
Person applying for a job.
All of the ____ for the job position have to send their resumes and take a test on Saturday.
A negative detail in an apparently positive offer
They're paying me a huge salary to work 20 hours a week, but the ____ is that I work from midnight to nine in the morning.
A percentage paid to salespeople on their weekly or monthly sales.
That shoe store pays a 10% ____ to its employees.
A worker at a company or institution.
Companies with more than 100 ____ have to provide daycare for their children.
The amount of money you spend during a period of time.
Now that I'm living alone, my ____ has really gone up and I have to save money.
The activity of collecting money for a specific purpose, especially to help others.
The ____ concert was a big success, having collected $200,000 for the orphanage.
A special talent, sometimes from a very young age.
Micaela's father has a real ____ for pastry and sweets--he should open a bakery!
Money paid to artists to use their work, or to companies for using patented products.
Bob's new song has been used in a commercial on TV, and now he's getting a lot of money from ____.
A monthly or weekly pay associated with a permanent job.
I'd love to switch jobs, but only for the same ____ as before.
Person training for a new job.
Joanne is a ____ at her new job, so her salary is still a little low.
A payment per hour of work.
The minimum ____ in Canada is about $10/hour, but most people make more than that.
Having equal value to or being deserving of
This job pays you less than you are ____.
To develop into what one should be
After she decided to study engineering, she ____ into an excellent professional.
To go to and from a job or school.
Traffic in São Paulo is so bad that ____ to school by train is a lot quicker than by car.
To write information in a form.
fill in
Please ____ this form with your medical information.
To dismiss from a job.
They ____ Josh for being late all the time, even though he had only been late twice.
to deal with something
Lately, I've had to ____ with all sorts of problems at school.
(informal) To stay in a place for some time
hang out
Why don't you just ____ here until it stops raining?
not to have something
My Math teacher is very competent, but she ____ charisma.
bring good results
pay off
I spent the whole weekend studying for the test and it really ____.
To apply for a job, promotion, or other offers.
put in for
He's turning sixty next May, but he doesn't want to ____ retirement yet.
To approximate an amount (usually money) to the nearest multiple of ten (e.g. $1.87 to $2.00)
round up
The taxi fare was $11.80, but I ____ it ____ to $12.
To accept workers.
take on
Christensen's is ____ 300 new employees for various positions.
To accept work.
take on
You've been ____ so much work lately. Can you do it all by yourself?
To assume control over
take over
Their family firm was ____ by a large multinational corporation.
To occupy someone's time.
take up (time)
I was going to finish the report today, but the meeting with the manager ____ my entire afternoon.
To begin something, especially something new or difficult.
to embark on
She's about to ____ a 2-year training course.
To start doing something.
The company has announced that it will ____ a full investigation into the accident.
some, a few, a little
a fair amount of
I made ____ money in my previous job.
To stop working to demand a higher salary or better working conditions. Usually done by a group of employees or by all of them.
be on strike
The subway workers will ____ tomorrow, and might continue for the whole week.
To work more than your daily hours at work.
do overtime
Bill has been ____ so much ____ at work that yesterday he arrived home after eleven o'clock.
To lose one's job.
get the sack
300 employees ____ last week after the company was bought.
To travel for professional reasons.
go on a business trip
Martha's company asked her to ____ to Mexico next week, and she had to cancel her birthday party.
to be valid for someone or something
hold true
These research findings do not ____ for women and children.
To prefer
like something better
We weren't sure which you liked ____, so we got you both.
To say something is true
make that claim
Brian often says he's the best student in his class, but in fact only Jennifer can ____.
Used when it's very pleasant to hear someone play music or sing
such a joy to listen to
I don't usually like pianists, but George is ____.
the best thing to do in a given situation
the best way to go
Since we're short on cash, getting a bank loan is the ____ right now.
Used when you really don't want to do something.
the last thing you want to do is
After you've spent the whole day at school, ____ is pick up another book.
Used when something will happen very probably.
to be likely to
He's ____ crash the car if he continues to drive so carelessly.
To make someone feel something very intensely
to fill someone with
My 3-year-old goddaughter ____ me ____ joy.
To make enough money to support yourself by...
to make a living out of
I have a friend who ____ singing at weddings.
something that has been used in the past successfully
tried and tested
This is a ____ method for solving this problem.
To want something very much
want something badly
If you ____ this thing so ____, you pay for it with your own money.
A tentative way to make a suggestion.
you might want to consider
If you hate your job so much, ____ looking for a new one.