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what types of receptors do skeletal muscles contain
alpha, beta, gamma and sigma
main active ingredient in the blowdart and arrow poison used by forest people in South America to paralyze their prey
almost all agonists and antagonists of the Nicotinic Ach Rec are?
quarternary ammonium compounds
which subunit is repeated twice in nicotinic receptor
When ___ binds to its binding site, there is a disturbance in the subunit, opening the gate and allowing ions to flow in
2 classifications of muscle relaxants
depolaring and nondepolarizing
nondepolaring agent that causes paralysis in all muscles
% of receptors that may be blocked before there is any effect on contraction is the receptor reserve
receptor reserve
where is the receptor reserve the greatest
muscles of respiration
lack of facial expression and ptosis are diagnostic of?
neuromuscular failure
how can the proprotion of the transmitter pool that is released by second and subsequent stimuli
released Acetylcholineacting retrogradelyon presynaptically neuronal nicotinic receptors
Adverse effects of tubocurarine?
releases histamine, duration of action to long, loss of BP and Parasymphatethic control of HR
ultra short muscle relaxant- 10 minutes
2 groups of nondepol agents
Benzylisoquinolines-release histamine, and aminosteroids- which promote muscarinic block
which drug looks just like 2 Ach molecules
most used for general purposes c 3-5 minute onset
useful in renal failure patients that is broken down by plasma cholinesterase-spontaneous disintegratiom at alkaline pH
short acting drug, 2-3 minutes, metabolized by plasma cholinesterase and causes some histamine release
2 drugs that are eliminated or broken down directly in the blood
Attrecurium and cis-attracurium
5 drugs that cause histamine release
succinylcholine, tubocurinate, atracurium, mivacurium, and melocurine
fast onset, mono-quarternary aminosteroid which has minimal side effects
bis-quarternary aminosteroid with high potency, that has so no or a slight increae on BP
one of stereoisomers of Atracurium, but 3x's more potent and is broken down by hoffman degradation, no histamine release
causes histamine to be released at a great amount tubocurine
only depolarizing agent
what is succinylcholine susceptable to
plasma cholinesterase
how does it prolong the depolarization
by acting as an agonist
this drug blocks the inapproprite response of the ryanodine rec and prevents Ca loss
how is neuromuscular blockade blocked
Acetalcholinesterases- Edrophonium and Neostigmine
other two ways to reverse neuromuscular blockade
cholinesterase and removal of blocking agents
condition caused by a defect in the molecule linking muscle membrane t-tubules to the sarcoplasmic reticulum
malignant hyperthermia(hyperpyrexia)
prolonged application of depol agents leads to
phase II block-desentization of receptors and delayed recovery
patients c ______ defiency experience long lasting block
plasma cholinesterase
___ number represents the % inhibition of pseudocholinesterase activity
local anesthetic that inhibits normal pseudocholinesterase by 80%