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What is the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar?
It's a seminar based on the inner game of money and success.
They teach people a series of powerful techniques that will rewired your subconscious on a cellular and permanent level- retraining your mind to respond supportively in terms of money and success.
We live in a world of duality.
up and down
hot and cold
in and out
fast and slow
We do not live on only one plane of existence. We live in 4 different realms (area) at once
Physical world
Mental world
Emotional world
Spiritual world
What is a declaration?
It’s simply a positive statement that you make emphatically, out loud.
Why are declarations such a valuable tool?
Because everything is made of one thing: energy. All energy travels in frequencies and vibrations.
Therefore, each declaration you make carries its own vibration frequency.
When you state a declaration aloud, it’s energy vibrates throughout the cells of you body, and by touching your body at the same time, you can feel its unique resonance.
What is the process of manifestation?
Thoughts lead to feeling
Feelings lead to actions
Actions lead to results
Explains how your subconscious leads to your actions
Your subconscious conditioning determines your thinking.
Your thinking determines your decisions,
and your decisions determine your action, which eventually determine your outcomes
There are four key elements of change, each of which is essential in reprogramming your financial blueprint.
How do you create a permanent change.
You have to take the knowledge and move it to a physical and cellular level.
How can you tell when people are playing the victim? They leave three obvious clues.
Victim Clue #1 : Blame
Victim Clue #2: Justifying
Victim Clue #3: Complaining
Blame, justification and complaining are like pills. They are nothing more ....
than stress reducers. They alleviate the stress of failure
There are actually three levels of so-called wanting
[I want to be rich] - no good
[I choose to be rich] - you are own you way but it still not good enough
[I commit to be rich] - This is it. It means holding abso
The definition of the word commit is ...
“to devote oneself unreservedly.”
The warrior’s way is simple:
.I will be rich or I will die trying.”
Getting rich takes
100 percent of your effort,
a never-give up attitude and of course a rich mind-set
Law of Income;
“You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.”
Do you know the definition of an entrepreneur?
The definition we use in our programs is “ a person who solves problems for people at a profit.”