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a route not more than 20 nm offshore
custom engineered
when referring to a fixed gas fire extinguishing system, a system that isdestigned for a specific space requiring indiv. calculations for the extinguishing agent volume, flow rate, piping, and similar factors for the space.
Distribution Panel
an electrical panel that receives energy consuming devices or other panels.
Existing OSV (when?)
OSV contracted for, or the keel of which was laid, before March 15, 1996
Exposed Waters
term used in connection w/stability criteria - means waters more than 20nm from a harbor of safe refuge
Freeing Port
any direct opening through the vessel's bulwark or hull to quickly drain overboard water that has been shipped on exposed decks.
Internal Structural Exam
an exam of the vsl while afloat or in drydock and consists of a complete exam of the vsl's main strength mbrs, including the major internal framing, hull plating, voids, and ballast tanks, but not including cargo, sewage, or fuel oil tanks.
Limited Coastwise
a route that is not more than 20 nm from a harbor of safe refuge
New OSV (date?)
an OSV constructed for, or the keel of which was laid, on or after March 15,1996;
or that underwent a major conversion initiated on or after March 15,1996.
Oceans route
a route more than 20 nm offshore on any of the following waters:
any ocean, gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Bering Sea, gulf of Alaska
partially protected waters
term used in connection w/stability criteria; means waters not more than 20nm from a mouth of a harbor of safe refuge, unless determined by the OCMI to be exposed waters.
protected waters
term used in connection w/stability criteria and means sheltered waters presenting no special hazards such as most rivers, harbors, and lakes, and that is not determined to be exposed waters or partially protected waters by the cognizant OCMI.
the dimensions of all structural parts such as frames, girders, and plating, used in building a vessel.
Short Int'l Voyage
an int'l voyage where;
the vsl is not more than 200 nm from a port or place in which the passengers and crew would