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To remove (as a parliamentary motion)from consideration
Table (v)
Implied, not explicitly stated
Tacit (adj)
not talkative, silent
Taciturn (adj)
To plug, to drive in or down by a series of blows
Tamp (v)
A repetition, a redundancy, a circular argtument
Tautology (n)
Cheap, gaudy, showy, tacky, indecent
Tawdry (adj)
The quality of adherence or persistence to something valued
Tenacity (n)
Stubborn, refusing to give up or let go of something
Biased, showing marked tendencies
Tendentious (adj)
To offer formally
Tender (v)
Having little substance or strength, flimsy, weak
Tenuous (adj)
Brief and concise in wording
Terse (adj)
Timid, fearful, diffident
Timorous (adj)
A long and extremely critical speech, harsh denunciation
Tirade (n)
Sycophant, flatterer, yes-man
Toady (N)
Lethargic, sluggish, dormant
Torpid (adj)
State of inactivity or lethargy
A force taht causes rotation
Torque (n)
Scorching, ardent, passionate, hurried
Torrid (adj)
Winding, twisting, excessively complicated
Tortuous (adj)
relating to or causing torture
To publicly praise or promote
Tout (v)
Docile, obedient, easily led
Tractable (adj)
Fleeting, passing quickly, brief
Transient (adj)
The state of being transient
Mockery, caricature, parody
Travesty (n)
Imitate in such a way to ridicule
Travesty (v)
Sharply perceptive, keen, penetrating, biting, clear cut
Trenchant (adj)
Fierce, scathing, eager to fight
Truculent (adj)
Tumid (adj)
Tumescence (v)
Muddy, having sediment stirred up, clouded to the point of being opaque, in a state of turmoil
Turbid (adj)
Swollen, bloated, pompous, excessively ornate
Turgid (adj)
Depravity, baseness
Turpitude (n)
Novice, beginner in learning
Tyro (n)