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Obtaining squawk from NSE Clearance Delivery:
UHF, Ch 11: "North Clearance, CS, VFR to (Area 1, 2, 3), (ETE)."
Obtaining clearance to taxi from NSE Ground Control:
UHF, Ch 1: "North Ground, CS, (parking spot), taxi with information (ATIS designator)."
After North Ground issues taxi clearance:
ICS: Duty runway is ____, altimeter ____, time is ____, transponder set ____, ready to taxi."
Outbound call to base:
UHF, 342.8: (In accordance with SQ SOP.)
Takeoff call approaching hold short or when number one at hold short line:
UHF, Ch 2: "North Tower, CS, ("midfield" or "approach end") takeoff."
After takeoff, check fuel caps secure and retract landing gear, then report:
ICS: "Fuel caps secure, gear up and locked."
Off report to Pensacola Departure:
UHF, Ch 3: "Pensacola Departure, CS, passing (altitude)."
Instrument, gas, and position reports delivered every 15-20 minutes:
ICS: Engine instruments normal, fuel is ____ lbs left, ____ lbs right, position is ____ (landmark, distance, and direction)."
MAYDAY report made with engine failure or dire emergency in non-radar environment:
ICS*: "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, CS with (type of emergency), (location), (altitude), and I plan to (intentions)."
Emergency report made with any emergency in a radar environment:
ICS*: "(Controller), CS is declaring an emergency, (type of emergency), (position), (altitude), (intentions)."
PAN report made when a situation is deteriorating but has not become critical in a non-radar environment:
ICS*: "PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN, PAN-PAN, CS with (type of emergency), (location), (altitude),(intentions)."
To determine duty runway at outlying field for entry or PPEL:
UHF: "(Name of field), landing."
When controlling agency at OLF has advised you of the active runway and requests an acknowledgment:
UHF: "(Name of field), landing ____ (rwy number)." eg, "Saufley landing 14."
During OFE when at initial point:
UHF: "_____ crash/RDO, CS, ____ mile initial (or other applicable initial point), runway ____, (dual/solo), (type of flight)."
Prior to executing break at OLF. After checking interval:
UHF: "____RDO/crash, CS, crosswind, break."
When the RDO has directed you to discontinue, or two-way communication has not been established with the RDO:
UHF: "(Call sign) discontinued break."
Prior to turning crosswind during touch and go's at OLF. After checking interval and downwind traffic:
UHF: "(Side #), crosswind, touch-and-go." (Or, "crosswind AOA" if conducting full-flap AOA approach.)
Landing check prior to the 180:
ICS: "Harness locked (both cockpits), landing gear down and locked (both cockpits), brakes-parking brake off, brakes firm, instruments checked, landing lights on."
At the 180º position:
UHF: "(Side #), 180, gear down and locked."
Landing check after transition at 180:
ICS: "Gear down, flaps (up/down), landing checklist complete."
On short final prior to touchdown:
ICS: "Gear down and locked, lights checked."
During wave-off when aircraft is under control:
UHF: "(Side #), wave-off."
Landing check after gear are lowered in PEL/PPEL:
ICS: "Harness locked (both cockpits), landing gear down and locked (both cockpits), brakes-parking brake off, brakes firm, instruments checked, landing lights on."
At high key:
UHF: "____ crash/RDO, CS, High Key, runway ____."
Approaching low key:
UHF: "(Side #), (Low Key/Pattern Low Key), gear down and locked."
Approaching the 90º position in PPEL/PEL:
ICS: "Gear down, flaps (up/down), landing checklist complete."
On final PPEL/PEL:
ICS: "Gear down and locked, lights checked."
At the 180 position for a LAPL (P):
UHF: "(Side #), 180, gear up for training."
Departing the pattern:
UHF: "____ RDO/crash, CS, number one upwind departing."
Initial contact with Pensacola Approach Control:
UHF, Ch 4 or Ch 5: "Pensacola Approach, CS, (entry point), off (OLF) with information ____."
After squawk has been assigned by Pensacola Approach:
UHF, Ch 4 or Ch 5: "CS, squawk ____ (assigned number)."
Initial contact with North Whiting Tower:
UHF, Ch 2: "North Whiting Tower, CS, Point (Charlie/Delta) with information ____."
After tower rogers your call with duty runway, respond:
UHF, Ch 2: "CS, wilco."
Calling for the break at Whiting Field (abeam the numbers):
UHF, Ch 2: "North Tower, CS, numbers runway ____ (rwy number)."
After cleared for the break from tower respond:
UHF, Ch 2: "CS, roger break."
Obtaining clearance to land at Whiting Field:
UHF, Ch 2: "North Tower, CS, (position from abeam to final, eg, 180, 90, or final), gear down and locked, full stop."
After clearing the duty runway and switching to Ground Control:
UHF, Ch 1: "North Ground, CS, return."