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Vne, 0 - 20,000'
280 KIAS
Vne, 20,000' - 25,000'
245 KIAS
Airspeed below 10,000' (FAA)
250 KIAS
Canopy, emergency open
250 KIAS
Canopy, normal open
240 KIAS
Turbulent air penetration, clean
195 KIAS
Turbulent air penetration, gear and flaps down
120 KIAS
Landing gear extension
150 KIAS
Landing gear retraction
120 KIAS
Maneuvering airspeed
135 KIAS
Flap extension
120 KIAS
Flap retraction
>90 KIAS
Vy (max rate of climb)
100 KIAS
Vx (max angle of climb)
Full flap approach airspeed
No flap approach airspeed
G limits up to 280 KIAS
G limits up to 220 KIAS
G limits with flaps down
Max operating altitude
Max altitude for airstart
Min altitude for airstart
Prop RPM, normal
1800 – 2200 RPM
Prop RPM, max
2200 ± 25 RPM
Overspeed governor
2332 RPM
Fuel topping governor
2398 RPM
Prop RPM, idle power on ground
≤1800 RPM
Torque operating range, normal
400 – 1015 ft-lbs
Torque, max continuous
1015 ft-lbs
Torque, max allowable
1015 ft-lbs
Torque, max torque
1315 ft-lbs
Torque, climb
1015 ft-lbs (695° C)
Torque, prop overspeed test range
400 – 500 ft-lbs
Torque, auto-ignition range
300 – 180 ft-lbs
Torque, idle operating
150 ft-lbs
Tachometer (N1), Introduce fuel
Tachometer (N1), Flameout indication
10 – 12%
Tachometer (N1), FCU stuck at min flow (rollback)
40 – 60%
Tachometer (N1), Min N1 for flight (report)
Tachometer (N1), Idle operating range
62 – 65%
Tachometer (N1), Max continuous
Tachometer (N1), Max acceleration
ITT, Normal range
400 – 695° C
ITT, Max at shutdown w. cond. lever
610° C
ITT, Max continuous
695° C
ITT, Max acceleration
825° C
ITT, Max start
1090° C / 925° C (2 sec.)
Oil system capacity
4.4 Gal
Oil tank capacity
2.8 Gal
Usable oil (upright)
1.5 Gal
Usable oil (inverted)
1 QT
Oil temp, min starting temp
-40° C
Oil temp, normal operating range
10 – 99° C
Oil temp, maximum
100° C
Oil press, idle operating range
40 psi min
Oil press, normal operating range, N1 > 75%
65 – 85 psi
Oil press, max oil pressure
100 psi
Oil press, max fluctuation
±5 psi
Fuel, total capacity
135 Gal
Fuel, max useable
130 Gal
Fuel, inboard tank qty
40 Gal
Fuel, outboard tank qty
25 Gal
Fuel, sump tank qty
1.5 Gal
Fuel, flow at idle
≈125 lbs/hr
Fuel, max imbalance (PEL req'd)
>200 lbs split OR >100 lbs split with <200 lbs in either tank
Elect, system rated
28V DC
Elect, voltage reg. maint. sys.
27.0 – 29.5V DC
Elect, inverter
115V AC
Elect, battery (lead acid)
24V, 24-amp hour
Elect, generator
30V, 200 amps
Max ramp weight
4,425 lbs
Max takeoff weight
4,400 lbs
Max landing weight
4,400 lbs
Max aerobatic weight
4,300 lbs
Max zero fuel weight
3,650 lbs
Fuselage type
Fuselage length
28' 6"
Fuselage height
9' 7"
Wing type
full cantilever, slotted flap
33' 4"
Aspect ratio
Dihedral angle
Angle of incidence
4° at root, 0.9° at tip
Wing loading
24.5 lbs/sq. ft
Prop arc
7' 6"
Prop arc ground clearance
aileron type
servo trim tabs
rudder type
anti-servo trim tabs
elevator type
bobweights and downsprings
9 units
Rudder shakers (AOA)
26.5 ± 1/4 units
Stall (AOA)
29 – 29.5 units
Max sink rate at touchdown
600 FPM
Air start envelope, SL-20k
80 – 280 KIAS
Oxygen system capacity
1850 psi at 70°F
Oxygen system normal limits
1000 – 1850 psi
Oxygen system volume
76 cubic feet
Engine type
Pratt & Whitney PT6A-25
Engine flat-rated SHP
550 SHP (1315 ft-lbs)
Engine normal operation SHP
425 SHP (1015 ft-lbs)
Nose gear turn limits
Main tire pressure
90 psi ±2
Nose tire pressure
70 psi ±2
Max inverted flight time
15 sec.
Max zero G flight time
Transient only
Max vertical flight, nose up
15 sec.
Max vertical flight, nose down
3 sec.
Max knife edge, wings vertical
3 sec.
Max crosswind, no flap
22 knots
Max crosswind, full flap
15 knots
Min. bailout altitude, Day VMC
Min. bailout altitude, Night/IMC
Min. bailout altitude, out of control flight
28V, 800 amps
Starter time limits
40/60, 40/60, 40/30 minutes
Prohibited Maneuvers (6)
1. Night formation flights (except in emergencies)
2. Inverted flight above 220 KIAS
3. Inverted stall maneuvers
4. Intentional inverted spins
5. Intentional spins with flaps and/or gear extended
6. Intentional spins with prop feathered
Downwind Airspeed
100 KIAS
VFR/Overhead Break Airspeed
170 KIAS
Full Flap LDG Airspeed
No Flap LDG Airspeed
Best Maneuvering Speed
135 KIAS
Recommended Bailout Airspeed
90 – 120 KIAS
Max range torque
580 ft-lbs
Max endurance torque
420 ft-lbs
Fuel flow, normal operation
~335 lbs/hr
Fuel type
Oil press, dynamic maneuvers
10 psi for 5 sec.
G limit, gear down
Weight limit, crew + luggage
450 lbs
Max total wind
25 knots
Engine stages
3 axial, 1 centrifugal
Engine compression ratio
Engine reduction ratio
Compressor turbine RPM
37,000 RPM (N1)
Power Turbine RPM
33,000 RPM (N2)
Blade angle, feathered
Blade angle, Idle/low pitch
Blade angle, beta
Oil type/designators
MIL-L-23699 or Exxon 2380
At _____ oil pressure, prop goes to FTHR
10 psi
temp at which oil cooler bypass valve fully closed
temp at which oil cooler bypass fully open
minimum wait time after refueling before taking samples
30 minutes
number of snap drains
5 total; 2 per wing, 1 on sump
primary fuel boost pump pressure
800 psi
time limit for unboosted fuel ops
10 hours
ITT, max idle
Prop RPM, prop overspeed test
1950-2150 RPM
A/C high pressure circuit breaker
380 psi
A/C low pressure circuit breaker
3 psi
bleed air light comes on at what temperature?
KIAS rotate for obstacle clearance T.O.
KIAS rotate for minimum run T.O.
KIAS for steady state spin
80-100 KIAS
basic a/c weight
2970 lbs
max forward crew weight
266 lbs
max aft crew weight
250 lbs
Torque, PEL max
850 ft-lbs
N1, starter off
N1, norm @ 1015 ft-lbs
N1, rollback indication
N1, minimum EPL idle
Gear warning system sounds: (4)
1. gear up/flaps extended
2. gear up/both PCL and EPL < or > 75%
3. gear up/A/C on deck
4. handle/gear don't agree
main gear olea
nose gear olea
brake lining limit
must be >1/10th inch
nose tire rating
120 mph
main tire rating
190 mph
ailerons neutral at
2º down
elevator trim tabs neutral at
4.5º down left/4.5º up right
flap type
slot type
flap extension at 100%
flap indicator driven by?
left flap only
GPU start required when battery is?
Battery must be replaced when?
minimum battery voltage during non-GPU start?
generator light illuminates when?
at 25-27.5VDC