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During Taxi which part of the aircraft requires the largest turning clearance
Cabin zone temperature can be controlled
On the flight deck control panel or when transferred on the FA panel
With the recirculation fan button in the auto position the fans are commanded off
If the dump button is pressed
During normal operation the conditioned air consists of
52% fresh air and 48% recirculation air
During normal take off with the AT armed FMA annunciations will be
White TO with the TLA <50, Green TO with TLA >50, Hold with IAS >60 KT
Informing the AP/FD of an intended CAT II approach is accomplished by Set
Setting RA/BARO to RA and adjusting Min to 80 ft or above
What does the OVRD annunciation on the FMA mean
Symmetric manual levers commanded by the pilot overriding the auto throttle
What is indicated by the acceleration pointer on the PFD
Indicates the aircraft acceleration and deceleration rate along the flight path
Where is the selected VHF COM indicated
Audo control panel display will show it
Which procedure is applicable to establish alternative VHF tuning
With the CCD actuate the VHF box on the PFD and tune the new frequency with the CCD tuning knob
The DC electric network consists of
2 DC buses,3DC ESS busses, 2 BATT HOT busses, 1 APU start bus, 1 DC grnd service bus