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Biblical View of Human Nature
- God's Image (Gen 1)
- marred by fall but not destroyed (Col 3, 2Cor 3)
- know God inherently as well as good and evil (Rom 1)
- has both physical and spiritual component
- subject to death (Gen 3)
What is original sin?
it is our participation with Adam in the first sin b/c he is the head of the human race
How does total depravity relate to original sin?
Adam's sin corrupted human nature and his guilt and condemnation. Because we are all in Adam we receive his corrupted nature. This corruption broke our fellowship with God and polluted all of human nature.
What is meant by the trinity?
- each of the three persons is God (John 1)
- the three persons are one God (John 10)
- three persons are objective to each other (John 14)
- equal in being, power, and glory (Matt 28)
- single divine essence distributed to each of three persons
What is justification by faith alone?
- imputation of Christ's righteousness to sinners by God
- sin imputed to Christ, who paid the punishment for it
- Eph 2:9-11
- obedience of Christ imputed to sinners through faith
Why and how does the resurrection of Christ save sinners?
- satisfies the demands of a holy & just God
- only Christ could pay the punishment for mankind b/c he himself is not guilty of any sin
- the resurrection proves that the price was paid & wrath of God is satisfied
Presuppositional Apologetics
- all humans have inherent knowledge of God
- command to evangelism does not affect whether people get saved
-worldviews of christians & non-Christians so different that there is no common ground
- people need to submit to the truth not evaluate it
Evidential Apologetics
- believers & nonbelievers have common ground
- uses evidence & degrees of certainty
- builds a cases w/ multiple pieces of evidence
- rationally defends existence of God & reliability of scripture
- Bible presents Christ using signs as proof & Paul using logic
Classical Arguments for Existence of God
1. Cosmological - everything has a cause so the universe has a cause -- God has no cause
2. Teleological - universe is ordered therefore someone ordered it -- intelligent design
3. Ontological - God is the idea which nothing is greater than -- a God that exists is greater than just the idea therefore God exists
4. Moral - man has innate sense of morality grounded in the person of God
Believers Baptism: View & Support
outward sign of inward reality: death of former self and rebirth in Christ
- Col 2 & Acts 19
- example of proselytes in Judaism
- reserved for adults according to early church practice -- Didache reccommends fasting
Infant Baptism: View and Support
sign and seal of the new covenant like circumcision
- Romans 9 -- spiritual Israel
- Col 2 -- baptism equated w/ circumcision
- Acts 2 -- promise to believers and their children
- baptism of households
Biblical Support for Premillennialism
- Isaiah 11, end of Ezekiel, & Zech 14 must be ignored or re-interpreted
- Rom 11 says there will be a future restoration of Israel
- terminology used in the prophecy is literal in nature
Theological Support for Premillennialism
- no valid hermaneutic supports the reinterpretation of scripture required by other views
- predictions of 1st coming were literal so then are the 2nd
- if God can cast off Israel what prevents him from doing the same to us? - violates his character
Biblical & Theological support for cessation of sign gifts
- 1Cor 13 -- they will cease of themselves -- middle voice
- 2Cor 12 -- served to authenticate apostolic message
- Ac 2 -- miracles in NT were to validate the apostles
- once the canon was complete, the word of God was sufficient authority to validate the message