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What is software?
any program that tells the computer system what to do
what is system software?
helps computer carry out its operating tasks
-operating system
-device drivers
-utility programs
What is application software?
helps humans carry out a task
What is the operating system?
system software that acts as a liason between the computer hardware and the application software
-essential for operating hardware
why does the application software need the operating system?
cause it needs OS to carry out hardware related tasks such as printing reports and storing data
What kind of user interfaces are offered by the OS?
Command-line interface and graphical user interface
What are the advantages and disavantages of command line interface?
advantage: can be faster than using a mouse
disadvantage: difficult for new users to master all commands, takes longer to learn
What is WIMP?
In graphical user interface, a Window is displayed, which has Icons and Menus, Pointing devices are used to select options
What services does the OS provide to programs?
-allocating memory to hold dta
-reading them from disk to meory
-reading keystrokes fromt he keyboard
-displaying characters of graphics on the screen
-saving files
-checking available disk for memory space
what are the first 4 OS objectives?
1) to facilitate communication between computer system and ppl who run it (user interface)

2)to facilitate communication among computer systems and components

3)the operating system coordinates system resources to maximize throughput

4) to minimize the time needed to execute a suer command
what are the next 4 OS objectives?
5) optimize the use of computer system resources

6) to coordinate network communication

7) to keep track of all files in disk storage

8) to provide an envelope of security for the computer systems

9) to monitor all system capabilities and alert the user of system failure or potential problems