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What are the associations/RFs for Oral Cancers?
* Sun exposure (lower lip)
* Cigarette smoking (3x RR; dose-dependent)
* Alcohol (esp. in combination with smoking)
* Chewing Tobacco
Oral cancers are mostly of what type?
Squamous Cell Cancers (epidermoid)
What are the precursor lesions for oral cancer?
* Dysplasia/In Situ Neoplasia
* Leukoplakia - keratinization will cause the normally translucent mucosa to appear "white"
* Erythroplasia - Angiogenesis will turn a lesion "red"
What's a good differential for Oral Cancer?
* Squamous Papilloma (HPV)
* Infection (Candida, others)
* Ulcers (HSV)
What's the "Prognosticator" for oral cancer?
Stage (TNM)
Laryngeal cancers are nearly always...
Squamous Cell Carcinomas
What are the precursor lesions for laryngeal cancer?
* Leukoplakia
* Erythroplasia
Singer's Nodules?
* Vocal Cord Polyps
* Acute swelling and edema -> lesion on the cords
Prognosis for Laryngeal Cancers?
Stage by TNM
In addition to Squamous Cell Carcinoma, the Nasopharynx has a special type of cancer...
Lymphoepithelioma, a.k.a. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
* Pale, central nuclei on histology
What's the precursor cell for a Lymphoepithelioma?
Resident Lymphoid cells in the nasopharynx.
What infection is associated with Lymphoepithelioma?
Epstein Barr Virus.
What "benign" lesion in the nose has major destructive potential?
Inverted Papilloma.
What nasal mucosal overgrowths typically accompany allergic rhinitis?
Nasal Polyps
Minor salivary glands are capable of producing what kind of ENT cancer?
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma